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Optimize your Atlassian value with Valiantys

In the face of relentless technology disruption and shifting regulatory landscapes, staying competitive means keeping your Atlassian tools (like Jira and Confluence) not just operational, but fully optimized to deliver exceptional value. With Valiantys Managed Services, you gain a partner dedicated to ensuring your tools—and the teams that manage them—are always aligned with your core value streams.

Understanding your challenges

As businesses increasingly rely on digital solutions like Atlassian to stay ahead, they encounter a series of distinct challenges. From keeping up with all the latest tech to dealing with regulations and making sure your team stays happy and productive, there’s a lot to juggle. Each of these hurdles underscores the critical balance required between leveraging technological advancements and managing the intricacies they introduce.


Technology disruption

Traditional companies evolving into technology-driven organizations face the dilemma of how to deliver value-added platforms to their customers amidst constant technological advancements.


Regulatory pressures

The need to rapidly adapt and optimize your strategies and portfolios in response to regulatory changes can be daunting and resource intensive.


Strategy-execution misalignment

Ensuring that executive visions translate into actionable goals across the enterprise often reveals gaps in alignment, risking productivity and strategic outcomes.


Employee engagement and productivity

Engaging your workforce and maintaining productivity amidst these challenges requires tools and processes that are both efficient and aligned with your business goals.

Elevate your business transformation with our Managed Services

Leverage our expert Managed Services team to enhance your operational effectiveness and ensure continuous resilience. With hundreds of specialists ready to tackle any challenges with your Atlassian tooling, we help you align your business operations with your strategic goals.

  • Operational Resilience:

Our team ensures that your business can resist, absorb, and adapt to adverse conditions without missing a beat. By strengthening your operational resilience, we help secure your mission-critical functions against unexpected disruptions.

  • Total Cost of Ownership:

Understanding and managing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is crucial. Our services not only help identify hidden costs—like those associated with Shadow IT—but also optimize your expenditures. This ensures that your valuable resources are focused on strategic, high-value activities rather than just maintaining operational tools.

  • Productivity and Enterprise Agility:

In today’s fast-paced market, agility and productivity are not just desirable—they are essential. Our services are designed to tailor your Atlassian ecosystem for operational and functional excellence, boosting productivity and enabling your organization to adapt quickly to market and environmental changes.

  • Proactive Strategic Alignment:

Our proactive elements are continuously aligned with your business goals, advising on strategic growth and future-proofing your operations. We are committed to building systems that are ready not only for the foreseeable future but also for unforeseen challenges.



With Valiantys as your partner, you can rest easy

  • Just two minutes of delay per day for a team of 500 equates to 45 days per month of lost productivity.

    Poorly performing systems prevent daily work from flowing and, even if it seems small, the impact multiplies.

  • We observe time and again that systems degrade over time even with best intentions and efforts.

    Daily demand on admin teams naturally leads to shortcuts and quick fixes and Technical Debt.

  • Atlassian is a massive landscape and skills are scarce and expensive and the breadth and depth of knowledge is huge.

    Most organizations will be impacted by people moving on or sickness or overloading in any year of operation.

Atlassian Partnered and Specialized

We meet you where you are

  • Let Atlassian handle the operations, while we ensure it fits like a glove with your business needs.

  • Perfect for those wanting control, with our experts ready to assist.

  • Keep your data under your roof, with our hands on the wheel.

  • A bridge to the cloud with enhanced controls and support.

  • Make sure that your Atlassian infrastructure will scale with upcoming needs, budgets stay under control, and leading practices are applied to unlock efficiencies to your business.

    Governance services
    Governance services

5 Ways Valiantys is your partner of choice for the Atlassian cloud journey

  • Tailored Solutions for Business Success

    Valiantys tailors' solutions to your unique business needs, ensuring the Atlassian Cloud platform optimizes your success and growth beyond standard technical support.

  • Deep Expertise for Operational Excellence

    Our expert team leverages deep knowledge of the Atlassian ecosystem to enhance your platform's efficiency and productivity, helping you streamline operations and improve collaboration for optimal outcomes.

  • Proactive Support for Continuous Improvement

    Stay ahead with our proactive support. We continuously monitor your environment, providing timely recommendations to ensure ongoing improvements and a competitive edge.

  • Streamlined Operations for Efficiency

    Our expert team handles the technical heavy lifting—from support to maintenance—freeing your staff to focus on strategic initiatives that drive better results.

  • Competitive Advantage through Functional Excellence

    We optimize the functionality of your Atlassian Cloud setup to align with your business goals, ensuring faster time-to-market and superior outcomes.

System C customer story

"In just one year our Jira deployment has become enterprise-wide. The range of services available through Valiantys Support has allowed us to keep growing. We can access emergency troubleshooting, advice, and administrative tasks assistance."

Averil F., Atlassian Tooling Expert System C Healthcare

ITIL Service Desk introduced to the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)

How IHK Berlin simplified their processes, made knowledge accessible and improved their service quality at the same time.

  • check_circle As part of its digitization strategy, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry has established efficient business processes for internal service areas and mapped them digitally in order to free up space for core tasks.
  • check_circle The switch to the Jira Service Desk with Riada Insight as CMDB / Asset Management has led to simpler and more comprehensible support as well as cross-departmental exchange.
  • check_circle An agile approach and a well-coordinated project team were crucial for the successful implementation of the project with positive customer feedback.
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Mission impossible made possible: overhauling SystemC’s IT service desk with Valiantys

System C is the UK’s leading health and social care software supplier. As well as helping System C to deliver real organizational and cultural change, Valiantys has provided an end-to-end service encompassing implementation, Jira and Confluence training, AWS hosting and support.

  • check_circle Jira Software boasts a host of features that the team has harnessed to save time and drive productivity
  • check_circle Service desk model can now be replicated across the business as a standard when new companies are acquired
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Transforming IT support request management for Europe’s leading betting operator

PMU started a company-wide Services Management System program, with the aim of improving and standardizing processes within its IT division. Jira Software and Jira Service Management were selected with Valiantys appointed to carry out the implementation.

  • check_circle Jira Software has given the PMU team a clear, centralized vision of all tasks in progress
  • check_circle More time for the internal team to spend on more business critical activities
  • check_circle Around 60 members of staff are now using agile practices to track and manage projects
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A Flexible Service Desk That Scales With The Enterprise’s Needs

Generali is one of the top three global insurers. In 2014 Generali deployed Jira Service management, Confluence and a variety of Marketplace apps to build their ITSM solution to improve the structure of Generali’s IT services and increase their added-value within the company.

  • check_circle Generali can now optimize outsourced activities through automation and closely monitor the services' activity and quality
  • check_circle Jira Service Management platform adapts to the growing number of users
  • check_circle
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Confluence makes the processes of a large industrial company more collaborative

This company deploys its high-tech products in more than 150 countries in various departments. Their ambition was to move the entire company into a digital cloud-based model and to set up a global knowledge management solution in order to map and share the top 100 processes.

  • check_circle Thanks to Confluence, all employees can easily find and develop the company's strategic processes
  • check_circle Adoption of Confluence has been so strong that some business users now want to extend it to their own activities
  • check_circle
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