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Valiantys leads the way in Atlassian-dedicated consulting services across the globe. We accelerate our customers’ business transformations using leading Agile methods and tools to build collaborative, high-velocity teams.

Transforming teamwork with Atlassian tools

Valiantys has grown alongside Atlassian and contributed to its ecosystem since 2006. We built the first version of Jira Service Management and we have been on the Atlassian Partner Advisory Council for a decade.

With this pedigree, we offer unparalleled technical expertise and experience in transforming how teams work together. We support our customers at every stage of their journeys, helping them bridge the gap between adopting Atlassian tools and embedding modern Agile practices across their organizations.

Our core values


Talk Straight

We value open, two-way communication between coworkers, clients, and partners. We believe that being true to oneself, saying what you mean, and openly sharing knowledge is the key to trust and mutually enriching relationships.


Never Stand Still

At Valiantys, we are forever evolving, and always eager to improve ourselves and question assumptions. We encourage our staff to be creative, hungry to explore new possibilities, and free to go beyond the expected.


Be Mindful of What Matters

As people, we are down-to-earth and pragmatic, striving for efficiency in everything we do. While we’re committed to working in an Agile way, we approach each and every task with consistency and rigor.


Make Every Interaction Remarkable

Our view of customers is uncomplicated, and our goal is simple. Whether they’re a coworker, partner, or an end-user, we want everyone who interacts with us to have an awesome experience.


Share and Take Part

We create, deliver, grow, and celebrate as one team. We are always open to helping each other and sharing — whether it’s our knowledge, ideas, experience, or socializing after work.

Lead The Way

What makes us different

All-in with Atlassian

Valiantys has grown alongside Atlassian and contributed to its ecosystem since 2006. We built the first version of Jira Service Management and we have been on the Atlassian Partner Advisory Council for a decade.

All in with Atlassian

Our code lives in Jira

We were so successful at building apps for Jira and Confluence that we spun off a new company called Elements. In fact, Atlassian acquired one of our apps, VertygoSLA, in 2013 to use as the foundation of Jira Service Management.

jira software screenshot

Environmental, social, and governance

Through programs such as ‘Caring for Change’, we give back to local communities in a meaningful way — such as offering complimentary Atlassian training to charities. Here at Valiantys, we are conducting an annual greenhouse gas emission assessment to reduce carbon footprint and an annual Environmental, Social, and Governance audit of our company. We are also actively working towards receiving B Corp certification in 2025.

Charity and donation

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Valiantys – we strive to make our working environment inclusive for everyone. Or to put this another way, we want everyone to be able to bring their true self to work.

Careers Valiantys

Transforming R&D fleet management for automotive manufacturers

Two of our clients, both global automakers, struggled with the manual processes used to manage their R&D vehicle fleets. These processes had created additional overhead costs and constant resource conflicts, hindering efficiency in a highly competitive industry.

  • check_circle Automated solution minimized manual tasks, making the R&D fleet management process more streamlined
  • check_circle Solution motivated other R&D departments in the company to innovate, leading to widespread improvements
  • check_circle Led to time and cost savings, allowing the automaker to allocate resources to other strategic areas
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Northwestern Mutual’s journey from Data Center to cloud

As a technology-first company, Northwestern Mutual has been relocating their infrastructure to the cloud for years. Together with Expium—a Valiantys Company and Northwestern Mutual’s partner of record—the team set out to migrate one of the industry’s larger and more complex instances of Jira.

  • check_circle 25% savings in total cost of ownership when comparing Atlassian cloud to AWS-hosted Data Center instance
  • check_circle Custom scripting to bridge the gap between current state and cloud for apps that do not have a clean migration path
  • check_circle Without good end-user communication, regardless of how smooth the migration is, users will be disrupted
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The Cloud - In the words of Olivier Prompt, General Manager at Evidian IAM (Atos Group)

Evidian decided to move to the Atlassian Cloud to accompany their new “as-a-service” offering. Discover how Valiantys help them.

  • check_circle A successful migration is not to think of it only as a technological or tooling project
  • check_circle Customized training was particularly useful in driving adoption of Atlassian Cloud tools
  • check_circle Goal was to amplify the agile transformation of the company, not just to provide new tools
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How Valiantys and Atlassian Cloud Enterprise helps Finoa scale their team and increase efficiency

 As a licensed and regulated financial institution managing customers’ digital assets, Finoa is in the business of trust. Finoa looked to Atlassian and Valiantys to take their team operations to the next level and accelerate the growing productivity of their workforce in the cloud.

  • check_circle Finoa looked to Atlassian to take their team operations to the next level and accelerate the growing productivity
  • check_circle Increased visibility of teams’ work thanks to Jira Software and improved efficiency across the organization
  • check_circle Worked closely with Valiantys and Atlassian to achieve migration goals via Atlassian Enterprise
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Capital Markets Powerhouse Makes the Transition from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management in Just 2 Months.

This client had been using ServiceNow as its central ITSM platform for several years, but the platform required a continuous and significant investment in day-to-day maintenance. Following a tendering exercise, Jira Service Management was selected as the new ITSM platform.

  • check_circle 80% Reduction in Costs
  • check_circle High user satisfactionŠ
  • check_circle A scalable platform
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Atlassian Partner and Specialized

Industry accolades

Our executive team

Reena Agnihotri
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Global

Reena Agnihotri

Jerome Anstrousse
  • Chief Operating Officer, EMEA

Jérôme Anstrousse

  • Chief Operating Officer, North America

Rod Arbaugh

Emmanuel Benoit
  • Global Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel Benoit

Florent Razafi
  • Global Chief Operating Officer

Florent Razafi

Dan Buffham
  • Chief Information Officer, Global

Dan Buffham

Nathan Chantrenne
  • Chief Technical Officer, Global

Nathan Chantrenne

Pierre Emmanuel Klotz
  • Chief Global Delivery Officer, Global

Pierre-Emmanuel Klotz

  • Chief Financial Officer, Global

Anne-Sophie de Lambertye

Michael McNeil
  • Chief Executive Officer, North America

Michael McNeil

Holly Mitchell
  • Chief People & Culture Officer, Global

Holly Mitchell

Fraser Moffat
  • Strategic Advisor, EMEA

Fraser Moffat

Tilman Mürle
  • Chief Executive Officer, EMEA

Tilman Mürle

Our Supervisory Board

Chris Barbin
  • Non-Executive Director

Chris Barbin

Philippe Crochet
  • Chairman

Philippe Crochet

Lucas Dussurget
  • Non-executive Director

Lucas Dussurget

  • Non-executive Director

José Morales

Josephine Theron
  • Non-executive Director

Joséphine Théron

Our locations

You’ll find us in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Come and work with us come and work with us

Come and work with us

We are on a mission to improve teamwork through the best technology and work practices. We’re not just coworkers, we’re partners and collaborators who strive to unleash the potential of every individual to succeed. Together, we aim to:

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Design and explore new solutions
  • Transform teamwork
  • Learn from the best
  • Use the latest technologies