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Beyond IT: Empower excellent service for all teams

The majority of Service Management portals are created by non-IT teams. Discover how to empower excellent service for all teams.

Atlassian Cloud AWS

Move to the Atlassian Cloud and secure your infrastructure

In 60 minutes you’ll learn why and how you should plan your migration to the Atlassian Cloud.

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Getting the most out of your ITSM with Opsgenie and Jira Service Management

Discover how to get more flexibility, never miss a critical alert, and notify the right people at the right time with Opsgenie.


Start bringing visibility to your systems with Jira Service Management and Insight

Discover how Insight can help you manage assets effectively, troubleshoot incidents quickly, minimize the impact of changes, and streamline the handling of requests.


Atlassian Team '21 - Key takeaways and expert take

Learn more about Atlassian’s brand new product and latest features & updates announced during Team ’21 event.

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How to transform the impact and speed of your IT Services with Jira Service Management?

Using a real-life based simulation of the management of an incident, we will show you the benefits of an integrated Atlassian ITSM solution.

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How to become a connected enterprise using Jira Align and SAFe® framework

Discover how to connect people, work, time, and outcomes using Jira Align and SAFe® framework.