ESG at Valiantys

Environmental, social, and governance principles at Valiantys

At Valiantys, adopting ESG principles ensures that our corporate strategy focuses on the three pillars of environment, social, and governance. This means taking measures to lower pollution, CO2 output, and reducing waste. It also means having a diverse and inclusive workforce, at the entry-level and all the way up to the board of directors.

Why does ESG matter to Valiantys?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a framework used to assess an organization’s business practices and performance on various sustainability and ethical issues.

As an IT-service and people driven company, we defend an ethical, responsible, and inclusive vision of digital technology, to positively influence and achieve long-lasting change for an equitable and regenerative economy.

Valiantys recognizes the importance of ESG and the impact that its operations can have on the environment, society, and governance. By focusing on ESG factors, Valiantys is able to ensure that its operations are sustainable, responsible, and ethical.


How is Valiantys achieving this?

We are committed to embed social and environmental performance as part of our ambitious global expansion. Initiatives include:

  • Governance: a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team and implementation of CSR policies integrating social and environmental concerns in our business operations and interactions with stakeholders.
  • Business ethic: Code of Conduct and the appointment of a compliance officer, overseeing and measuring our compliance with data protection policies and regulations
  • Human resources: an attraction and loyalty program, training and development, remote work, Great Place to Work® certification,  Corporate values and behavioural standards communicated to employees through a Code of Conduct and the Employee Handbook
  • Diversity and inclusion surveys: results embedded in the HR organization roadmap to include gender equality and anti-discrimination
  • Leadership trained on well-being at work
  • Philanthropic action: maintain a yearly donation budget for various selected charities around the world, both recurring and in response to emergency appeals
  • Environment: promote and foster “green IT”, measure and reduce our carbon footprint.
ESG principles

Positive results and next steps

We recently completed a 360° carbon footprint assessment, obtaining the result of 0.3 T of CO2 equivalent / Full time employee equivalent, for scope 1 & 2 (direct emissions and indirect emissions related to energy consumption). This is well below the sectorial benchmark of 0.7 T of CO2 equivalent / Full time employee equivalent. We also have opted for a low carbon-intensity energy supplier for our offices.

We truly believe that Valiantys is on-track and ready to lead the way for a better, more equitable and sustainable future. Through the daily interactions between our employees and clients, as well as through longer-term initiatives, we are motivated and determined to bring about positive and meaningful change.


Come and work with us come and work with us

Come and work with us

We are on a mission to improve teamwork through the best technology and work practices. We’re not just coworkers, we’re partners and collaborators who strive to unleash the potential of every individual to succeed. Together, we aim to:

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Design and explore new solutions
  • Transform teamwork
  • Learn from the best
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