• Aug.27.2020

Transforming IT support request management for Europe’s leading betting operator

  • Aug.27.2020
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Headquartered in Paris, France, PMU is a major player in the betting industry, and Europe’s leading betting operator.

In 2015 PMU’s turnover reached €9.8bn, encompassing horse betting, sports betting and online poker. Its international sales also increased by 11% during this time.

PMU has a nationwide distribution network of 12,900 retail outlets and 5 million clients, making it France’s number one online gambling domain and one of the country’s leading eCommerce websites.

  • 12900

    retail outlets

  • 5

    million clients

  • 1st

    France's number one online gambling domain


A number of years ago, PMU commenced a company-wide Services Management System program, with the aim of improving and standardising processes within its IT division.

Atlassian Jira Software and Jira Service Desk were selected as the optimal tool to support all the company’s issue and request tracking processes, with Valiantys appointed to carry out the implementation.

There were a number of reasons why PMU chose Valiantys to lead its Atlassian implementation. Thierry Gourvenec, Application Support Manager at PMU, explains:

”We trusted Valiantys because of their professionalism, and because we were confident that they could deliver the project faster than anyone else.”

"We trusted Valiantys because of their professionalism, and because we were confident that they could deliver the project faster than anyone else."

Thierry G., Application Support Manager, PMU


The implementation of Jira Software and Jira Service Desk saw a particular emphasis on change management, in order to ensure that all users made a smooth transition to the new Jira tools and processes. This meant that users of the tools were involved in all phases of the project, with Valiantys holding workshops with stakeholders across the business to ascertain what was required from the new system.

The implementation, Thierry explains, covered all facets of configuration and best practices:

”Thanks to its simple design and ease of use, Jira Software was quickly adopted by users across PMU. Feedback was very positive – especially the tool’s flexible reporting capabilities.”

Jira Software has given the PMU team a clear, centralized vision of all tasks in progress. This is particularly helpful when it comes to business requests.

Today all teams across PMU are using Jira Service Desk to manage and track their IT change requests, including business departments like Marketing, Customer Services, Sales Networks and International Development.

Confluence Jira use case


Valiantys also provides a fully managed service to PMU. This sees Valiantys manage all of PMU’s application support and day-to-day administration. This includes a broad spectrum of activities including changes, upgrades and user support, freeing up time for the internal team to spend on more business critical activities.

Thierry describes the relationship as a “genuine partnership”. What’s more, Valiantys’ introduction of Agile practices using Jira Software has fostered greater cooperation between the different teams working on PMU’s strategic “Network Separation” project. Around 60 members of staff are now using agile practices to track and manage the unfolding of this project.