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  • May.3.2023

ITIL Service Desk introduced to the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)

  • May.3.2023
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The Project

The Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK Berlin) identified several areas of innovation within its digitization strategy. Efficient, cross-divisional business processes, especially in the internal service areas, are to be established and digitally mapped. The aim is to create a space for core tasks by increasing the quality of internal workflows.

The driving vision is: “SPOT” – Single Point of Ticket

The creation of a central platform for service and task management at the IHK Berlin in a single integrated system.

The Challenge

The ticket system previously used by the IT Services department was no longer able to meet the requirements of a modern IT service management tool: every modern IT organization requires the quick registration, controlling and tracking of incidents, customer requests and change requests.

IT Services goals

  • Improved and more transparent communication between IT and customers, or other stakeholders (external service providers)
  • Improved knowledge management: Uniform documentation and better access through integrated search of how to articles and known errors
  • Standardization and optimization of process flows (definition and automatization of SLAs)
  • Mapping of ITIL processes (Incident/Request Fulfilment)
  • Support the IT service management by building a uniform asset data model

The data management department faces similar challenges, but does not yet have a ticket system for organizing tasks, and simultaneously, operates in a bulk business environment.

Data management goals

  • Replace the work method with the help e-mail group mailboxes
  • Implement individual workflows in the area of data maintenance
  • Communication with internal and external (member companies) only takes place via the ticket system

At the same time, the Project Management Office (PMO) faced the challenge of having to parallelly manage an increasing number of projects with and without direct IT technology.

PMO goals

  • General resource controlling that is integrated in several projects
  • Strong collaboration with the IT Services department and external partners
  • Digital and transparent implementation of control processes
  • Automatization of current and extremely complex manual processes
  • In order to well direct release and change management and to recognize resource bottlenecks early, an overview of demands and projects

In order to keep subsequent operating expenses as low as possible, it was also a central requirement that the solution sought be made available as SaaS / Managed Service by an external partner.

The Solution

Jira Service Desk, in combination with Riada Insight as CMDB / Asset Management, is the basis for the new solution. This combination innately provides ITIL-certified processes for incident, change, service request and problem management. Thanks to the integrated asset management database solution, support is much easier to deliver and track. All relevant information about the asset is available to the agent when a support request is made.

In order to implement a solution best tailored to IHK’s needs, the collected requirements were mapped in user stories. Agile project methodology was then used to quickly achieve usable results in small iterations.

Thanks to a very experienced project team and the use of an Agile approach, we were able to deal with the right issues at the right time, and were able to complete the project on time and with positive customer feedback”.
Mirko Thißen, IT-Services

The result is a platform that enables efficient ticket processing and interdepartmental exchange. In a complex organization such as the IHK Berlin, it was important that after the changeover to Jira Service Desk, the transparency of previously existing processes, known problems and appropriate approaches to solving them remained. Thus Valiantys also supported the migration of more than 60,000 tickets as well as numerous other knowledge base articles.

Any platform is only as good as its users – that is why from the very beginning, value was placed on involving all participants in the process, targeted training, collecting feedback and a clear focus on the users.


With the SPOT project’s successful Go Live, IHK Berlin has been able to achieve directly measurable improvements. These are essentially:

From the customer perspective

  • increased transparency of the current status
  • improved communication possibilities

From the processing agent’s perspective

  • stronger cross-functional work
  • reduction of communication channels
  • improvement of knowledge management: mapping of all known errors and how-to articles in an IT service desk knowledge base

From a management perspective

  • Reporting and control significantly simplified
  • Standardization of processes and working methods (keyword “One Project”)
  • Scaling Options

“SPOT” successfully supports 250 agents and hundreds of customers with the Jira Service Desk Portal. The new solution enables the IHK Berlin to process more than 800 tickets and 100 service requests per week, and customized dashboards help to effectively report on open tickets. The new platform builds the foundation for further scaling and onboarding additional departments, such as Marketing and Facility Management.

The IHK Berlin is the organization for companies in Berlin. As a legally prescribed institution of the economy, the IHK Berlin should, on the one hand take into account the needs of the economy, and on the other hand be independent of the influence or special interests of individual branches of the economy, industries or companies. Its aim is to promote the region’s economy.