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Accelerate your ITSM transformation

Need a modern, cost-effective IT service management solution that can scale with your business? Valiantys leads the way in Jira Service Management services.

Meet your IT service challenges

Modernizing your organizations’ digital services, apps, or devices? You also need to ensure your IT teams can keep up and support those vital resources. Valiantys can help you meet the challenge and transform your IT service management.

Build high-velocity teams

How do you ensure your operations, support, and other IT teams collaborate effectively and deliver rapid responses to users?

Adopt best practices in IT services

How do you align IT services with the business and provide great customer and employee experiences?

Support business transformation

How do you accelerate adoption of new apps across the organization and ensure business teams make the most of new technology?

Realize the full value of your IT investments

A modern ITSM system can help unlock the full potential of your technology investments by enabling you to deliver the IT services your customers and employees need and expect. Valiantys’ ITSM experts can help accelerate your IT services transformation.

  • We can guide you through every stage of your ITSM implementation, from project scoping to deployment and data migration.
  • Our experts will help you bridge the gap between processes and tools, unlocking the power of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management.
  • We’ll help your IT operations, support, and other technical and business teams get up to speed and deliver great user experiences.
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Atlassian Partnered and Specialized

Our ITSM services

Project scoping

We’ll help you size and phase your project and design the right ITSM solution, so you can be sure it will fully support your business requirements.

Jira Service Management deployment

Our Jira Service Management experts will help accelerate your timeline and maximize value with our proven methodology. Read more.

ITSM tool migration

We’ll take the pain out of your transformation by migrating data from ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and other ITSM tools to Jira Service Management. Learn more.

Practitioner and administrator training

We can help accelerate user adoption and expertise with our specially crafted Jira Service Management practitioner and administrator courses. Read more.

Enterprise service management

We’ll help you apply the best service tools and practices across your organization, enabling better service delivery for business teams, such as human resources and marketing.

Best-in-class ITSM expertise

  • Valiantys star

    ITIL and Atlassian experts

    Atlassian has recognized Valiantys as an ITSM Specialized Partner, and our experts have both Atlassian and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certifications.

  • Valiantys idea

    Pre-built tools to accelerate your timeline

    We’ll help you apply ITIL-aligned configuration templates to accelerate your time to go-live and minimize customizations.

  • Valiantys compliance

    Deep industry expertise

    With our dedicated ITSM team, we have many years of experience deploying service management tools and practices across industries.

  • Our technology is the core of Jira Service Management

    Valiantys' VertygoSLA software was acquired by Atlassian in 2013 and formed the core of the initial Jira Service Management release.

  • Valiantys success

    12 Atlassian Partner of the Year Awards

    Atlassian has recognized our expertise and experience from hundreds of projects and time-tested strategies for success, recognizing us as ITSM Partner of the Year.

The tools we offer for our ITSM services

Capital Markets Powerhouse Makes the Transition from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management in Just 2 Months.

This client had been using ServiceNow as its central ITSM platform for several years, but the platform required a continuous and significant investment in day-to-day maintenance. Following a tendering exercise, Jira Service Management was selected as the new ITSM platform.

  • check_circle 80% Reduction in Costs
  • check_circle High user satisfactionŠ
  • check_circle A scalable platform
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ITIL Service Desk introduced to the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)

How IHK Berlin simplified their processes, made knowledge accessible and improved their service quality at the same time.

  • check_circle As part of its digitization strategy, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry has established efficient business processes for internal service areas and mapped them digitally in order to free up space for core tasks.
  • check_circle The switch to the Jira Service Desk with Riada Insight as CMDB / Asset Management has led to simpler and more comprehensible support as well as cross-departmental exchange.
  • check_circle An agile approach and a well-coordinated project team were crucial for the successful implementation of the project with positive customer feedback.
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Helping The Daily Telegraph reach 2.1 million viewers every day with Jira

The Daily Telegraph is the UK’s number one news brand. The Telegraph had previously outsourced all of its IT service management. In order to tackle the problem, the company decided to move its IT operations and service desk in-house with the help of Valiantys.

  • check_circle IT and software development teams are now able to collaborate more often and solve problems faster
  • check_circle Self-service knowledge base where employees can search and find solutions to frequently raised issues
  • check_circle IT team improved its time to resolution by 66%, reduced call-waiting time by 50%, and increased customer satisfaction by 140%
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ITIL Jira Service Management launch at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

A success story about efficiency improvement, transformation and happy students
  • check_circle Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences wanted more efficient service management to deal with service management more holistically.
  • check_circle The new system, based on Atlassian tools, resulted in greater efficiency and integration of a redefined service catalog.
  • check_circle Covid-19 related contact limitations required flexible and focused collaboration and the challenge of adapting to ever-changing circumstances.
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Forterro unifies the collaboration of its 5 entities on a common support solution for 8,000 users around the world.

Forterro worked with valiantys to help the company to optimize IT infrastructure and support, streamline license costs and align practices across businesses.

  • check_circle 50,000 tickets and 3,000 clients migrated
  • check_circle Optimization of resources and infrastructure with 40% cost savings in licensing
  • check_circle Ability to bring all teams together as a single working unit
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System C customer story

"While the change was very rapid, staff were quick to get on track and pick up on the huge raft of benefits of what they can do with Jira Software and Jira Service Management."

Averil F. , Atlassian Tooling Expert System C
Yale Customer story

"These tools have immensely improved our service. Now we can’t do without them because our community is used to that level of service."

Ken W. , CIO Yale School of Management

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