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Valiantys was Atlassian's top-tier Title Sponsor of Team '24

This year Valiantys was Atlassian’s top-tier Title Sponsor of Team ’24, placing Valiantys front and center, right alongside Atlassian. Atlassian Team ’24 was about teamwork innovation—advancing the way people work together with deep human insight and breakthrough technology.

Throughout the event, we stepped into our vision to showcase our leading position as a specialized global leader for Atlassian solutions — including a dedicated booth covering our full range of services, innovation, custom sessions, and demos.

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Atlassian Founder's Keynote

Explore our innovative offerings


You’re building something amazing with interlocking bricks. Each click brings a new piece into place, perfectly suited for your creation. Suddenly, you hit a snag. What do you do? No problem! The beauty of this type of interchangeable, modular system is its adaptability — simply swap a piece and keep building.

That’s the innovative benefit of Valiantys’ Value-as-a-Service approach to transformation. Just like these versatile building blocks, Value-as-a-Service is an adaptable system of interconnected solutions designed to perfectly fit your company’s specific needs.

Think of it this way: You’re leading your team through a digital transformation. You need guidance, but traditional consulting can feel rigid and expensive. Value-as-a-Service is different. It is a collaborative partnership that provides you with a dedicated team of technical and strategic advisors who can quickly get you access to our entire company’s resourceswhere Valiantys becomes an extension of your team.

Here’s how VaaS can benefit your transformation journey:

Shared success: Unlike traditional consulting, Valiantys’ success is tied to yours. We are invested in seeing you achieve your goals.
Expert help, scalable costs: Value-as-a-Service offers access to expert guidance tailored to your exact needs, without hefty upfront investments.
Measurable Impact: We focus on delivering tangible results that drive real business impact.
Adaptability that grows with you: Value-as-a-Service solutions are built to adapt and grow as your needs evolve.
Seamless collaboration: We work with your team, ensuring a collaborative environment throughout your transformation.

Download the Value-as-a-Service Flyer to learn more

Optimize your Atlassian value with Valiantys at Atlassian Team '24

Stop managing Atlassian, start maximizing it

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leveraging the power of technology is crucial for achieving business excellence. While software vendors provide support to ensure the proper functioning of their platforms, partnering with a dedicated service provider like Valiantys goes beyond that.

Imagine having your Atlassian tools (like Jira and Confluence) running smoothly, without you needing to worry about maintenance or troubleshooting.

Managed Services is like having an expert IT team on your side, but without the hassle of hiring them. We take care of the day-to-day operations of your Atlassian tools, so you can focus on what fuels your business – innovation, collaboration, and achieving strategic goals.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to Atlassian Cloud, we can meet you where you are and accelerate your business objectives and transformation enabling faster time to market and competitive advantage.

Here’s what Valiantys Managed Services can do for you:

– Achieve operational and functional excellence and streamline your business.
– Align the Atlassian Cloud platform with your unique business objectives.
– Free up your internal IT team to focus on more strategic projects.
– Enjoy proactive support aimed at constantly enhancing your Atlassian Cloud setup.
– Help you get the most out of your Atlassian investment.
– And, if you’re still on the journey to Atlassian Cloud, we can smooth the way.

Download the Managed Services Flyer to learn more

Custom Solutions

Enterprise implementations can be complex and daunting. But what if there was a way to simplify this process and transform your “distributed enterprise” into a seamlessly “connected enterprise”?

Here at Valiantys, we’ve cracked the code. We leverage the power of Atlassian Forge to act as a force multiplier, building custom solutions that bridge the gap and connect your dispersed teams and data.

Connect with us to learn:

•   What a “distributed enterprise” is and its challenges.
•   How Valiantys and Atlassian utilize Forge’s unique capabilities to overcome these challenges.
•   Real-world examples showcasing the success of Forge-powered solutions.
•   Why Forge empowers you to break free from application limitations and achieve limitless possibilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Forge can revolutionize your enterprise connectivity!

For a deeper dive into how custom solutions can address your broader business needs, download the Custom Solutions flyer.

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✅ Cloud compliance & data protection under DORA & NIS2

Download our compliance checklist to learn more about meeting business continuity and resilience requirements in EU regulation.

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