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Plan and track your Agile project

Popular Atlassian solutions like Jira, Confluence and Portfolio for Jira give you the freedom to implement the methodology of your choice (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.). An easy UX facilitates a seamless adoption by project management teams.

Jira Software Confluence Portfolio for Jira

An adapted solution to fit
different business requirements






Agile at scale

Plan and manage your sprints with Jira's Scrum boards

Create and estimate velocity for user stories. Plan sprints and assign tasks to your team members. Use the backlog to redefine the priorities for your stories, which can be arranged with a simple drag-and-drop.

Customize your scrum dashboard to fit your specific needs. Add swimlanes to separate the epics and organize stories by assignee and filters. Change the columns' layout to fit your workflow.


Get full visibility with Kanban boards

Give everyone on your team clear visibility over upcoming tasks. Jira Software gives you the capability to limit the number of tickets being processed, thus avoiding a bottleneck in the workflow.

Create your Kanban board in just a few clicks. Quickly configure the columns in your workflow, add swimlanes to group tasks by epic, assignee or project, and configure the filters.


Get data on your teamwork
with Jira Software Agile reports

With Jira Software, you have access to dozens of preconfigured reports which allow you to analyze your data in real time.

Share information and improve future performance. Jira Software's Agile reports are designed around the specific needs of scrum teams, such as displaying progress graphs and velocity diagrams.

With the cumulative flow diagram, Kanban teams know exactly how many tickets are in each step of the workflow. The control chart shows the average cycle time for development - which can be used to predict future progress.


Manage multiple Agile projects with Portfolio for Jira

Portfolio for Jira provides a realistic roadmap based on Jira's data. Get visibility in real time over different simulated scenarios.

Integrate your teams' skills and availability to figure out the best plan of action. Take into account dependencies between different teams and projects. Take immediate decisions regarding whether it is possible to take on that new project with your current workload.

Share the roadmap with your operational teams, giving them a clear idea of your strategic objectives and how it integrates into their daily work.


Collaborate on requirements
and project documents with Confluence

Allheads in. With Confluence, several people can work on your requirements at the same time. Share important information and implement a workflow for approvals. Information is always accessible and up-to-date. Changes to the documents can be traced through the pages' history.

Structure your content with the guidance of numerous macros offered by the tool and standardize your documents with templates.


A trusted solution
approved by development teams

We've helped hundreds of development teams deploy and adopt Atlassian tools. From training end-users, deploying Atlassian applications to integrating with Marketplace apps, our team of Atlassian certified consultants know how to provide the solution that fits your team's needs.

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