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For Performance and Scalability, Amadeus Chooses 'Data Center'

After their incredible journey of deploying five products, here are the eight tips that Amadeus had to share.

Who is Amadeus?

Amadeus is the leader in technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. Through its flagship product Altéa Customer Management System, Amadeus connects airlines, hotels, railways, cruise lines, and other travel providers to over 100,000 travel agents worldwide.

An incredible journey

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A few years ago, the Software Development Engineering group at Amadeus was asked to find a common collaboration and development platform that could serve their entire company’s needs. Not only did the solution have to serve a wide variety of teams, it also had to be up and running quickly. With over 14,000 employees in 20 geographic locations, the task seemed near impossible at the time. They decided to roll out the entire Atlassian stack so the products could integrate with each other.

Valiantys has assisted Amadeus throughout the evolution of their Atlassian tools - notably with Confluence. Since they initially purchased Atlassian, Amadeus deployed several Data Center versions of the products in order to support their quickly growing organization.

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1. Users like Atlassian products

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Amadeus was planning to do an entire internal promotion campaign in order to sell people on their newly acquired Atlassian products, but they were pleasantly surprised to discover that Atlassian products didn’t require much internal promotion. Instead, they experienced viral adoption, especially with Confluence. In the first month, more than 2,700 pages had been created in Confluence. That was a huge early win.

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2. Integrations are important, but can spiral out of control

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Shortly after rolling out the products, the team received many requests for integrations between each of the Atlassian products and with other internal tools within Amadeus’ ecosystem. They wanted to satisfy their users so they began adding these integrations and even allowed their teams to build their own integrations using the APIs. However, Amadeus quickly realized they had little visibility or control over integrations their users were creating or how they were being used. They recommend implementing governance and controls for your users before rolling out integrations.

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3. Plan for growth

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Things seemed to be going well after rolling out the tools and adding integrations until Amadeus started to experience performance degradation, especially with the use of the new integrations. They learned that scale is the most important and often one of the first steps they recommend prior to adding integrations. To address performance degradation, Amadeus moved from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Data Center, and they are continuing to move their other key products to Data Center editions. By moving to Data Center, they were able to deploy multiple nodes, splitting the load across each of these nodes to reduce the potential for downtime or degraded performance.

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4. Create a team to support and own the Atlassian products

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Amadeus created a team that was global, connected, and accountable for the entire Atlassian suite including other tools integrated with the various Atlassian products. This team is virtual, composed by members of different teams all around the world. Such a setup allows, obviously, a follow-the-sun support, but also effcient knowledge sharing between members. Additionally, this team is able to support and maintain the whole set of tools in a unified way, sharing the same monitoring tools, processes, and SLAs.
"With more than 100 active users an hour, and 500 new pages a day, Confluence Data Center keeps our teams connected across the world and allows us to collaborate at scale.” says Ros.

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5. Monitoring is essential to building a strategy that scales

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When they rolled out their Atlassian products, Amadeus had limited monitoring or analytics to measure performance. This meant that instead of being able to proactively identify issues, they received notice of degraded performance from their users, which was not acceptable now that Atlassian was the heart of Amadeus’ development and collaboration processes. Amadeus set up a variety of monitoring systems to resolve their users frustrations. One of these monitoring tools was an infrastructure monitoring system. This allowed them to monitor CPU consumption, network latency, memory usage and other low-level probes. However, even with a healthy infrastructure, there can still be problems that impact the system and what users experience.

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6. Backup instances are key

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As Amadeus evaluated their strategy to support their current and long-term growth, they also realized they needed a way to protect against a primary location power or network failure. One way they are doing this is by utilizing one of Data Center’s core capabilities - disaster recovery. They are in the process of creating a second instance of Bitbucket in another location separate from their primary instance that they will use as a backup to failover if any of these scenarios occurred.

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7. Setup controls

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In addition to this improved visibility, the team also needs increased confidence and control. Atlassian releases new updates to their products on a fairly frequent cadence, always giving additional value to their users. To keep up with these release cycles, Amadeus is implementing things like performance tests and canary tests to ensure smooth upgrades and confidence in the system. They are also focusing on controlling the openness that Atlassian products provide with things like plug-in governance and an API gateway. By controlling this openness, they will be able to make sure that users don’t abuse the system and impact other users’ abilities to successfully access and use the products.

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8. Trust is key

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You should trust your users and the providers - Atlassian has built the tools to be very intuitive and easy to use and your users will be able to easily take advantage of this. As such, you should not underestimate how quick the adoption can be. Faster than you think, such tools become mission critical and at the heart of company’s processes. Efforts should then be put on scaling and operations rather than on promotion. Users want to trust you on your capacity to operate and scale. They want to trust that they can build on top of your solutions because you are dedicated to ensure their reliability and stability.

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