Consolidate Jira and Confluence instances

Consolidate and merge your Atlassian instances to streamline governance, improve collaboration, and cut maintenance costs.

Reduce the complexity of your Atlassian landscape

Because Jira and Confluence are often deployed without centralized planning, many organizations find themselves with a multitude of deployments, versions, and configurations.

This presents many challenges: Quality of service is inconsistent due to having different support teams, versions, and deployment types. At the same time, it’s difficult to collect management information as data is pooled in different silos and teams have different processes. Finally, costs are not optimized due to the need to perform multiple upgrades and run redundant infrastructure and licenses.

Jira and Confluence consolidations are technically complex projects due to the need to merge large data sets and complex configurations. They are also particularly challenging from a change management perspective, as processes need to be aligned, people need to be trained, and new governance needs to be established.

Valiantys will help secure the outcomes of your consolidation projects and future-proof your Atlassian investment.

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Unlock the efficiencies you're looking for

Migration strategy review

We review each Jira and Confluence instance to be consolidated, map out risks and potential conflicts, and develop a detailed project plan including work schedules and costings.

Business case development

We can help you develop the business case, looking in detail at pros and cons from 3 angles: functional, costs, and governance.

Application readiness

We prepare the source instance and target instance, carry out the relevant process mappings, configuration/metadata/data cleanups, and upgrades. We further develop the migration model.

Migration strategy development

We merge your data, attachments, configuration items, and users. We test multiple times and finally carry out the merge at a convenient time to minimize any disruption.

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    For speed and reliability, we leverage our proprietary automation utilities and integrity checkers to remove several steps in the migration process.

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Cloud consolidation delivers 15% operational cost reduction and 20% time savings

This Fortune 500 electronics company needed increased team collaboration, visibility across projects and teams, and the ability to build comparable reporting whilst having a secure, up-to-date infrastructure. The way to revitalize its teams was by consolidating Atlassian instances and migrating to the cloud.

  • check_circle 15% operational savings, 20% increase in team efficiency, and more
  • check_circle Better reporting for the management team to drive the right decisions
  • check_circle Improved performance across the business
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Merging worlds is custom work

We brought two complete Jira worlds together for our customer’s engineering support team managing Atlassian tools used by the developers in Germany and other countries.
  • check_circle Collaboration between teams worldwide was prevented by separate Jira servers.
  • check_circle The project required a complex merger of 60 projects with minimal impact on the development teams.
  • check_circle Valiantys contributed to the successful merging and improvement of the own Jira project competence through a detailed analysis.
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Better support for customer service and field engineers by consolidating data on Confluence

Valiantys helped Worcester Bosch consolidate their data on Confluence for improved visibility and control, while improving support for their field engineers and customer service departments.

  • check_circle A scalable and flexible solution adapted to evolving needs.
  • check_circle Better control over content approval and new documentation.
  • check_circle Time savings to resolve service desk tickets generated by customers.
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Forterro unifies the collaboration of its 5 entities on a common support solution for 8,000 users around the world.

Forterro worked with valiantys to help the company to optimize IT infrastructure and support, streamline license costs and align practices across businesses.

  • check_circle 50,000 tickets and 3,000 clients migrated
  • check_circle Optimization of resources and infrastructure with 40% cost savings in licensing
  • check_circle Ability to bring all teams together as a single working unit
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