Discover DevOps With Atlassian

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  1. State of software today and its challenges
  2. What is DevOps?
  3. The DevOps way and Atlassian
  4. Recommendations on where to begin
  5. Tools for a DevOps culture

Deliver fast and reliably with
DevOps and Atlassian

High-performing teams deploy more often with fewer failures and faster recovery. Get the tools to practice DevOps.

Release with confidence

Get full visibility into the status and progress of upcoming releases with Jira Software’s Release Hub.

Speed up your workflow

No more waiting on code review approvals. Improve code quality and move faster using peer reviews done via pull requests.

Build fast, test smart, release often

Tie automated builds, tests and deployments together. Prevent "it works on my machine mentality" and release faster, thanks to continuous delivery with Bamboo and its CodeDeploy and Docker capabilities.

Fewer failures, faster recovery

Fast track problems by having dev and ops teams on the same Jira platform linking Jira Software tickets to Jira Service Desk incidents.

  • "By integrating Jira Software and Jira Service Desk, Skyscanner can link and track issues from inception to resolution across teams. Everyone has full visibility into the queue, and all the right experts can collaborate to solve issues faster."
    — Michael Hall, Business Tools Lead, Skyscanner

Share knowledge

Centralize post-incident reviews and other documentation in Confluence, with links to Jira Software and Jira Service Desk tickets for clear traceability.

Keep services always "on"

HipChat lets you trigger alerts in your team room whenever a blocker bug or service interruption requires immediate action. Track incident escalation from your desktop, mobile and wearable devices.

  • "With Atlassian's stack, we can move at the speed of this industry and best support our customers every day — and deliver real business value."
    — Carol Johnson, Head of Service Delivery And Operations, Daily Telegraph

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