• May.3.2023

Collaboration, Discipline and a whole lot of Atlassian

  • May.3.2023
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The Problem

The 91 employees, 27 nationalities and 4 dogs work in two different locations: Frankfurt, the international hot spot of banks and finances. And Berlin with its creative vibe, start up and tech community. The staff members are travelling regularly between the offices, booking their train tickets, accommodation etc. on their own.

The administration is based in Frankfurt and it was in need of a new tool to process the travel expenses for everybody across the company. In addition, the HR department required an employee database and wanted to improve the documentation of their hiring process.

There was also a lack of one central tool to combine the project management needs like merging calendars, schedules, boards etc. kreuzwerker had a solution for every aspect.

The Solution

A Jira Service Desk was quickly implemented and became the administrative hub for the studio. It allowed quick and simple registration of candidates for open positions, followed the interview workflow and had an onboarding process for new employees. It also provided a secure employee database including data related to travel expenses, time off and training requests. It allowed staff members to view their own data with an approval workflow, which creates an event in every employee’s calendar.

It allowed the creation of travel expenses and these were then associated in the project management tool. We also integrated non-Atlassian tools (Calendar, Project Management).

The Conclusion

Neugelb Studios GmbH’s mission is the development of products for real needs and the design of solutions for real users. kreuzwerker follows the same guiding principle. Hence the collaboration between the two companies resulted to an exponential success for both Neugelb and kreuzwerker.

We believe independence is worth fighting for. In fact it’s one of our company values. We salute Neugelb remaining independent and improving their product on their own. We, like Neugelb, are fiercely independent and strive for constant improvement.

Neugelb Studios GmbH is a service design studio with offices in Berlin and Frankfurt. Its interdisciplinary team is committed to the methods of human-centered design. Their mission is to develop digital products that serve real needs like the development of a mobile banking app.