• Jul.31.2023

The Cloud - In the words of Olivier Prompt, General Manager at Evidian IAM (Atos Group)

  • Jul.31.2023
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Olivier Prompt, General Manager at Evidian IAM (Atos Group)

Why did you choose to switch to the cloud?

We decided to move to the Atlassian Cloud to accompany our new “as-a-service” offering. Selling a service rather than a product is a major paradigm shift. That is why we have worked on providing a simple means of communication for our customers. This migration project allows us to effortlessly respond to the challenge of providing new tools for our teams. We wanted something that was more transversal, which answers the question: does it make life easier for people? With the Atlassian Cloud, we’re confident that we’ve found the right solution

What was Valiantys’ role in your project?

Migration can seem like a complicated undertaking, but preparing and training your teams is essential. That’s why we enlisted Valiantys to help us in this process. Not only did they accompany us for the migration part, but they were also a huge help in driving adoption and implementation. Their expertise and professionalism generated a lot of ‘buy-in’ from our teams. Calling on Valiantys to help us get started was a key step in the success of our migration project. Their customized training was particularly useful in preparing our teams and allowing them to familiarize themselves with the new tools

What advice would you give other companies who are moving to the cloud?

The most important advice for a successful migration is not to think of it only as a technological or tooling project. Organizational and process preparation is essential, although it can take time. However, having motivated teams and being supported throughout the migration, as we were with Valiantys, greatly contributed to overcoming these difficulties. Communication also played a key role. We were able to clearly explain our goal of amplifying the agile transformation of our company, which helped to motivate and unite our teams. For us, the objective was to transform the daily work of our teams, not just to provide them with new tools, even though, of course, they are also important.

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