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Embracing a service management mindset benefits everyone

No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.

Jack Welch, Former CEO at General Electric

Across many organizations, development teams are facing overloaded inboxes and burn out. Whether addressing defects, bugs raised during testing, or feature requests, or providing peer reviews and support for cross-departmental projects, these team members can struggle to keep up with endless organizational demands. This not only creates bottlenecks in workflows, but also sidetracks priorities – ultimately, slowing efficiencies across your business. By embracing a service mindset, implementing IT service management (ITSM) tools, and integrating the software(s) across IT departments and development teams, you can automate requests so they can become effectively streamlined and addressed.

Software can do the heavy lifting

Integrating ITSM technologies into your organization’s development teams often solves pain points associated with companywide development issues. Software like Jira Service Management can provide your development team with demand management, alleviating mundane administrative tasks and enabling people to become more responsive in their roles. For example, responsibilities like service request catalogs, dynamic forms, customer notifications, and configuration management – which require a lot of time and attention – can bog down your team. Jira Service Management automates these tasks so that, instead, people can prioritize their most significant projects, ultimately creating high-performing results. In fact, a Forrester Consulting report found that by integrating ITSM tools, employees were able to increase their productivity in handling ticket requests by 61 per cent. This enhanced efficiency can improve people’s overall workplace satisfaction while also lowering costs created by retiring manual and outdated ways of coping with demands.

Understand your customers – internally and externally

Development teams play a significant internal and external role in your business. These teams work to meet the requests of all other departments along with customers, and by doing so, ensure that interactions and relationships with clients remain seamless. By viewing the development team as a service provider, your organization can evaluate how and when its services are being used — streamlining work and processes. How is work being prioritized and tracked? What measures are being used to determine success? Are updates being effectively communicated? Once you have established what services your development team provides, software tools can support this service mindset and enhance your organizational workflow.


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