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Valiantys Cloud
Hosting solutions for your Atlassian tools

Choose the Cloud hosting plan that works best for you, whether you want a fully managed hosting service or just an extra helping hand to get started.

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Ideal for:
  • Proofs of concept
  • A virtual machine sized for your Atlassian applications (from 1 to 4 vCPU / from 2GB to 16 GB RAM / 20GB of storage)
  • Basic email support and monitoring during office hours
  • A guaranteed rapid deployment
  • 10 users maximum
  • Technical 24/7 Support


Ideal for:
  • Mid-sized Atlassian applications
  • Testing environments
  • Your own standard virtual machine (2 vCPU / from 4GB to 8GB RAM / 50GB of storage)
  • Technical 24/7 support
  • Outsourced IT monitoring
  • 10 hours of technical and functional support per year
  • SSL and a personalized domain


Ideal for:
  • Mission critical instances with a heavy usage
  • Multiple Atlassian applications (e.g., Jira and Confluence)
  • Your own enterprise virtual machine (4 vCPU / from 16GB to 32GB RAM / 100GB of storage)
  • Technical 24/7 support
  • Upgrades on request
  • Outsourced IT monitoring
  • SSL and a personalized domain
  • 25 hours of technical and functional support per year
  • Audits of your application
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Need help defining the right architecture for your platform? Our dedicated technical architect is here to help you:

  •   Size your servers
  •   Define the interactions with your internal network
  •   Guarantee the security of your environment as defined by your requirements
Technical Architect

Patrice L.

The right Cloud solution for everyone

Solution 1

A leading bank relies on Valiantys to host their Jira and Confluence instances

  Enterprise Hosting

The bank chose to use Jira and Confluence to manage their ITSM processes. In order to be quickly operational and avoid managing the infrastructure, installation and configuration of the tools themselves, they called upon the Valiantys team to host their tools. The bank currently has both a production and test environment. The SSO was set up with a connection to the company's ADFS in order to meet their security requirements.

Solution 2

A manufacturing company rapidly decides Atlassian tools are the right choice

  Starter Hosting

The company needed to know quickly if Jira and Confluence would be able to meet their critical requirements. They wanted to test the operational functionalities before taking the plunge of deploying these tools as their chosen ITSM solution. They received their starter server within two business days, which gave the company the space to take a test drive and make an informed decision. Subsequently, once the decision was made to continue with this solution, the servers were converted into Enterprise servers in just a few hours.

Solution 3

An insurance company chooses Valiantys to host its Jira and Confluence instances

  Enterprise Hosting

The company uses Jira and Confluence, along with over twenty apps, to power its many processes which are needed for over 3000 users. The applications currently manage around 400,000 issues and 15,000 documents. Valiantys hosting allows them to fully outsource the monitoring of their instances, thus ensuring that the servers can support the large volume of requests and documents created on a daily basis.

With the Valiantys Cloud offer, you'll get:
  •   Server versions of the software
  •   Access to all Atlassian Marketplace apps
  •   Choice of data location
  •   Daily backups
  •   Technical and functional support
  •   Deployment within three business days
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