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How to have
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Atlassian upgrade

You've been using Jira for a while now and haven't yet taken the time to upgrade. The good news is that upgrading your Atlassian tools doesn't have to be complicated as long as you have the right support.
Empower your team with higher productivity and improved performance by upgrading your Atlassian tools.

Why upgrade your Atlassian tools?

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    Drive team productivity with new time-saving features

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    Cut complexity by upgrading before your version is far behind

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    Two years after its release, your version stops being supported by Atlassian.
    As an example, here are the next versions impacted:
    Jira Software 7.1 and Jira Core 7.1 on Feb 10, 2018 / Jira Service Desk 3.1 on Feb 11, 2018.

Cool features you'll want to use

Jira 7 comes with a host of improvements and new functionalities.
Here's a quick overview of some of the most popular ones.

Jira Core 7.x

  • New 'Business' Project type which comes with a simpler non-technical UI users will LOVE
  • New project issue view gives you an expanded view of any issue from within a project
  • The CSV exporter replaces the Excel HTML exporter
  • Improved attachments preview, including preview of PDF files
  • Performance improvements
  • Rich text editor, allowing you to see your content formatted the same way it's going to save

Jira Software 7.x

  • Fully editable issue detail view, so all the fields on the Edit issue screen can be edited in the issue detail view
  • New project permission Manage Sprints to create, start, complete, delete, reopen and reorder your sprints
  • Reopen sprints that have been closed too early or by mistake
  • Print issue cards which can be a replica of your board in Jira Software
  • Export issues directly to CSV

Jira Service Desk 7.x

  • Help your team measure customer satisfaction out-of-the-box with zero configuration
  • Add an approval step to workflows so customers can choose approvers for their requests
  • Allow customers to resolve, reopen, or perform another transition on an issue from the customer portal
  • Improved My requests page delivers a better search experience
  • Drag and drop attachments to requests on the customer portal

Jira 6.x

  • Modernized look and feel that helps you get work done faster
  • Jira administrators can now edit any username in the Jira internal directory
  • Customers whose users operate in different languages can translate the names and descriptions of custom fields
  • The password policy feature enables Jira administrators to set limits and restrictions on the types of passwords their users can create
  • Auditing tracks record a range of configuration changes in an audit log. This can help you diagnose problems in Jira or can be used for security purposes
  • Transition issues permission

Confluence 6 brought several new functionalities and improvements.
Upgrade now and experience the best of Confluence.

Confluence 6.x

  • Collaborative editing - you won't want to miss the biggest new feature to hit Confluence. This game-changer let's you see who is editing the page with you and watch their changes in real time
  • Publish when you're ready - your audience can continue to read your page, without seeing your edits, in real time. When you're ready to publish you can choose from three options to leave the edit mode: Publish, Keep Draft, Discard everyone's changes
  • Easily manage all your pages - you can copy and delete a page and all its child pages on the fly
  • SAML single sign-on comes to Data Center - gives your team a simple, convenient way to sign in by connecting Confluence Data Center to your SAML 2.0 identity provider
  • Amazon Quick Start - makes getting Confluence Data Center up and running in AWS a breeze
  • Resolve permission roadblocks faster - makes it easier for people to get access to restricted spaces and pages

Must-know upgrade info

It's really important to understand any requirements and implications before you upgrade.

Warning upgrade

Why? Because upgrading can impact:

  • Product features
  • Administration settings
  • User management
  • Licenses

Some things to remember before upgrading:

  • Your upgrade must be undertaken on a staging environment first, then on a production environment
  • Jira's 7.0 release contains functionalities that affect user management, application access and login permissions and Jira installations setup

If you think you need some support to prepare your upgrade, our expert consultants can give you the guidance you need for a fuss-free upgrade.

Upgrading with Valiantys

Many problems can be avoided by following the right upgrade methodology. This helps ensuring the deployment quality of the new versions and establishing reliable procedures for the implementation of the changes.

Our proven methodology has served over 200 customers.


1. Continuous Product Intelligence

With each new release, whether major or minor, our Atlassian experts test and assess the tool for any impact it may have on your architecture and processes.


2. A tailored strategy

A fully-customized strategy means your needs are perfectly met. This strategic plan can include:

  • A functional and technical analysis of the tool's evolutions
  • Upgrade plan with clear steps
  • Updates for your apps
  • Installation and configuration of the test platform
  • Support during the testing phase
  • Production environment installation
  • Documentation of new functionalities
  • Change management


3. Continual support

Finally, we can provide support to cover all the technical or functional questions you may have – check out our support page for more information.

Our comprehensive Atlassian training, meanwhile, leaves your team perfectly placed to maximize its tools.

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