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Valiantys Enterprise Day

The highlight of our calendar, Valiantys Enterprise Days place you at the heart of the Atlassian ecosystem. Meet your peers, the Valiantys team, representatives from Atlassian and partner software vendors.

Our inspiring conferences are brought to life by our customers, consultants and the Atlassian team, so get networking, watch some user demos and listen to real-life use cases. Held once a year in London and Paris, the Valiantys Enterprise Days are your chance to ask all your questions, meet the Atlassian ecosystem and gather new ideas for your projects.

Our London Valiantys Enterprise day will be hold on June, 28.
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Valiantys Enterprise Day London

Customer Workshops

Held in small groups, our half-day sessions immerse you in the topics that matter to you. You'll get the opportunity to chat with peers and a Valiantys consultant, talk about your challenges and share solutions to optimise how your organisation uses its Atlassian tools. You'll go home with practical insight that you can apply immediately, ideas for the future and the confidence to really get the most of the Atlassian tools.

“The exchanges with other participants allowed us to compare our choices of architecture and utilisation. Very productive exchanges!»

Olivier B. | Société Générale
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Live-Schau: Erweitertes Reporting für JIRA Software

05/10/2017 - 14h00 CEST

JIRA Software ist zwar ein leistungsstarkes Tool, seine systemeigenen Reporting-Features sind jedoch eingeschränkt. Mit den geeigneten Marketplace-Add-ons können Sie ganz leicht lernen, tiefer Ihre Daten einzusehen und die richtige Analyse davon zu erstellen.

Was Sie in diesem 45-minütigen Web-Seminar lernen:

  • Welche Möglichkeiten und Grenzen es in Bezug auf die Reporting-Features gibt, die nativ in JIRA Software vorhanden sind.
  • Wie Sie mit EazyBI – ein Reporting-Add-on für JIRA – Ihre Problematik anhand von nativen oder benutzerdefinierten Feldern analysieren, Pivot-Tabellen erstellen und Ihre Berichte als Diagramme anzeigen können.
  • Einen Überblick über andere relevante Lösungen am Markt zu bekommen.


Live demo: Automation in JIRA Software

12/10/2017 - 15h00 BST

Automation is the best way for your team to save time and avoid errors due to manually inputting data. By learning the capabilities of a couple of extensions for JIRA Software, you can easily automate repetitive tasks.

In this webinar we will demo two leading add-ons: Automation for JIRA and ScriptRunner for JIRA.

You'll learn :

  • The difference between Automation for JIRA and Automation Lite for JIRA
  • What ScriptRunner for JIRA is and how it works
  • How to create automation with ScriptRunner and Automation for JIRA
  • The key differences between ScriptRunner and Automation for JIRA - which one is the best suited for your use case?


Démo live : Automatiser des actions dans JIRA Software

12/10/2017 - 14h30 CEST

L'automatisation des tâches répétitives est le meilleur moyen de faire gagner du temps à vos équipes. Il existe plusieurs extensions pour JIRA Software qui vous permettent d'automatiser ces actions.

Dans ce webinar, nous vous présenterons deux add-ons reconnus : Automation for JIRA et ScriptRunner.

Vous apprendrez :

  • Ce que permet Automation for JIRA et la différence entre Automation for JIRA et Automation Lite for JIRA
  • Ce que permet ScriptRunner en termes d'automatisations
  • Comment mettre en place une automatisation avec Script Runner et Automation for JIRA
  • Les différences clefs entre ces deux add-ons


DevOps Expo


The concept of DevOps is a culture of collaboration between teams, IT and Dev, that historically functioned in siloes. The DevOps Expo will help you to deepen your understanding and develop your business case.

Valiantys will be present as a Silver sponsor to demonstrate how Atlassian tools like JIRA and Confluence can bring teams together. Come visit us!


JIRA Service Desk discovery

23/11/2017 - 9h00 - 14h00

With a mix of demos, presentations and networking learn how the alignment and collaboration between IT and Dev teams can become a significant catalyst for growth.

You'll see how to:

  • Modernise your IT Service Management cost effectively
  • Turn your service desk into a self-service desk, thus reducing your team's workload
  • Easily integrate Jira Software with Jira Service Desk to enable DevOps collaboration
  • Make asset management work for you - not the other way around!


Continuous Delivery conference


Many organizations have implemented Continuous Delivery, or are in the process of doing so. There are several factors to a successful implementation: organizational, cultural and architectural. Each one requires significant changes in your organization.

Find out what are the common pitfalls of these areas and map the challenges that arise when implementing CD and don't miss the chance to talk with Valiantys consultants on the booth.