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DORA & NIS2: Build Cloud Resilience with Ease

This FREE webinar equips ALL industries with strategies for cloud compliance & data protection under DORA & NIS2. Learn from Valiantys & HYCU experts. Register Now!

  • Jun.18.2024


  • Understanding DORA & its impact on the financial sector (especially relevant)
  • Demystifying NIS2: Compliance requirements for all industries
  • Jira Service Management for compliance with DORA
  • Effectively navigating IT data, configurations & assets across your organization
  • Building a comprehensive business continuity & data protection strategy
  • Designing a compliant architecture for data residency & governance (applicable to both)
  • Leveraging S3 storage for cloud compliance under both regulations
  • Implementing effective strategies for achieving DORA & NIS2 compliance

Why participate:

  • Learn actionable steps to navigate DORA & NIS2 and ensure your organization meets deadlines.
  • Understand the regulations and prevent potential fines and disruptions caused by non-compliance.
  • Be among the first to implement robust cloud security and data protection, setting yourself apart from the competition.
  • Safeguard your sensitive data and build trust with your customers by demonstrating compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Gain valuable insights from Valiantys & HYCU compliance experts, saving you time and resources.

Our speakers:

  • Adam Jackson, Head of ESM at Valiantys
  • Andy Fernandez, Director of Product Management at HYCU

June 18, 2024 – 11am to 12pm CEST

DORA & NIS2 compliance: FREE Webinar! Master cloud security & data protection for ALL industries. Register Now & future-proof your business!


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