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AWS Valiantys Cloud
The premier hosting solution for your Atlassian tools

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Business Plan
Flexibility and performance in one package
Advanced security, performance and uptime
  • Server versions
  • Up to 10,000 users
  • Standard uptime SLA
  • Choice of data locality
  • All Marketplace apps

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Enterprise Plan
Custom-tuned for maximum performance
Mission critical grade infrastructure
  • Data Center versions
  • Up to 100,000 users
  • Mission critical RTO & RPO
  • Choice of data locality
  • All Marketplace apps
  • Dedicated customer success manager

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Hosted on AWS - location of your choice

We partner with Amazon Web Services, the world's leading Cloud provider, and we offer our clients the freedom to choose where their data will be stored.

AWS Data Centers are SOC2, ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and everyone in the Valiantys Cloud team is AWS certified.

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36 min Mean Time to Recovery in the last 6 months
400+ customers who trust Valiantys Cloud
99,9927% actual uptime in the last 6 months

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Business Enterprise
Architecture Dedicated Server High availability
Best for Server Data Center
Products covered Jira (all versions), Confluence, Crowd, Bitbucket, Bamboo
Marketplace Apps
Custom scripts
Custom URL / SSL certificate
Annual upgrade on demand
Staging environment
User limits Up to 10,000 users Up to 100,000 users
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Lift & shift migration on/off Valiantys cloud
Security & Compliance
ISO 27001 & SOC2 compliant data centers
Choice of data locality
Data encryption in transit with SSL
Data encryption at rest
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Connect your Atlassian applications to your internal network


Service uptime (excluding upgrades) 99.5% 99.99%
RTO - Recovery Time Objective 4h 30mn
RPO - Recovery Point Objective 24h
Option: 1h, 4h, 8h
Response time SLA
  • S1: 2h 24/7
  • S2: 4h 24/5
  • S3: 8h 24/5
  • S4: 16h 24/5
  • S1: 1h 24/7
  • S2: 2h 24/5
  • S3: 6h 24/5
  • S4: 16h 24/5
Disaster recovery
Additional Services
Dedicated onboarding
Dedicated customer success manager

GDPR Compliant                 GDPR Compliant                 Cyber Essentials Certified

Need complete Atlassian managed services?

Managed Services Combo

Make a nice combo with Valiantys Support and Valiantys Cloud

From a bank of Support hours to a full outsourcing of your Atlassian application support, get the Support you need when you need it.

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