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  • Feb.1.2021

7 important reasons to start consolidating your instances and how it’s done

Consolidations are complex projects. Learn how to prepare your consolidation journey in 7 steps with Valiantys

  • Feb.1.2021

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Prepare your consolidation journey, in 7 steps

  1. Calculate the TCO, the ROI and the other benefits
  2. Define a clear scope for your consolidation project

  3. Plan your consolidation
  4. Identify all gaps and risks
  5. Decide which path to take
  6. A big clean-up will help you tenfold
  7. Communication is the key to success
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Meet the authors

Nathan has been enjoying Atlassian products for more than 10 years, with all possible roles: user, administrator, developer, consultant and delivery project manager. He has helped hundreds of companies over this period making the most out of their Atlassian products, whether in-person or through the consultants he managed. As Valiantys Chief Technical Officer, Nathan is now responsible for our delivery excellence and our service offerings development. Outside of the office, Nathan is kept very busy by his 2 young children.


Edouard Dorcier is working as a senior consultant for Valiantys. In his 4 years he had time to focus on technical and business pain points during Jira and Confluence consolidations for a various set of customers. Outside of the office, Edouard is kept very busy by his 2 dogs.

nathan edouard

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