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  • Dec.8.2016

The 12 JIRA and Confluence hacks of Christmas: part one

  • Dec.8.2016
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The big fat man in the red suit is officially on his way, hurrah! So in the spirit of Christmas, we’ve been digging deep into our sack to offer you some gifts to make managing and using your Atlassian tools easier than ever.

So here they are: our 12 JIRA and Confluence hacks of Christmas.

Hack #1

Accidentally close your browser window while writing an awesome article? Fear not – you can restore your work via Profile (Profile Picture) > Drafts, select your previous work and hit the Resume button.

Hack #2

Having trouble finding the Confluence macro you need? Simply hit the curly bracket symbol “{” on your keyboard and type some keywords e.g. label. A list of suggested macros will then be returned for quick access.

Hack #3

Too much effort to embed attachments to your Confluence page? Drag and drop all of the attachments you need into the Confluence page in one go, and when you need to attach a file or screenshot to your content, simply type “!” and select the attachments you need.

Hack #4

Keep losing track of your tasks? Worry not, you can create and organise your tasks with the checkbox button from the toolbar, or simply insert square brackets “[ ]” as a shortcut.

You can also assign and mention yourself with the ‘@’ symbol within the task and set a due date with two forward slashes ‘//’. All of these tasks across the Confluence application will be recorded under Profile (Profile Picture) > Tasks.

Hack #5

When you need to add private notes to your publicly accessible page, you can add a Page Properties macro into Confluence page and make sure to check the Hidden option.

Hack #6

Tables of contents can be generated automatically and effortlessly by using of headings such as H1, H2, H3 and etc and the Table of Contents macro.

And there you have it… stay tuned next week for our next round of festive JIRA and Confluence hacks!

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