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  • Nov.20.2018

The must-have apps for Jira and Confluence

  • Nov.20.2018
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The choices are seemingly endless when it comes to Marketplace apps, and finding the best app for the required feature can be complicated. Being able to answer questions surrounding reliability, performance, scalability and long-term cost reduction is essential for meeting tomorrow’s challenges. If you’re looking for some tips on how to make key decisions when choosing an app you’ve come to the right place.

Through Valiantys’ years of on the ground work with clients, we know the Atlassian Marketplace well and thus prepared a short guide on the top apps we love on both Jira and Confluence.

Apps for Jira

Elements Connect (formerly nFeed): A practical connecter

For: Jira users at all levels

Elements Connect allows users to query and display external data into your Jira instance. With a simple two-step configuration, the tool stands out for its ability to integrate with different data sources: SQL database, LDAP server, your local Jira, CSV file, XLS, JSON, and more. Concerning the interface, custom formatting improves the user experience and proves to be significant time-saver on all levels.

Portfolio for Jira: The champion of project and resources planning

For: Project Managers

Portfolio for Jira is probably one of the most complete tools on the Atlassian Marketplace. It stands out for its management of roadmaps and dependent resources, resulting in a clear visual of the different objectives by project.

With this product, you can quickly identify the skills within each team, see people’s availability in relation to deadlines, prioritize tasks in a project as they relate to other projects in progress. The tool also handles project risk management effectively. Alerts are raised if there are insufficient resources,  and it displays which resources are overbooked.

Automation for Jira: The simplest way to automate your tasks

For: Everyone

Automation for Jira is an app which stands out for both its user-friendliness and rich automation features. Just choose a trigger, one or more conditions, and you are ready to roll! You can automate sending emails, comments, transitions, and more.

The tool has a free version: Automation Lite, which allows you to automate a limited number of actions. For something more complete, you’ll have to switch to the paid version.

Xray: A tester’s best friend

For: Testers and project managers

With Xray, you can efficiently follow the progress of your test campaigns through the structure, plan, define, integrate and automate phases. The interface has a simple visual concerning test execution. As a bonus, a reporting feature can help you assess the requirements coverage.

Apps for Confluence

Balsamiq mockups: The artistic app

Balsamiq mockups is handy for creating wireframes and simple prototypes to integrate into your Confluence page. Like Confluence itself, the tool  facilitates real-time collaboration.

Comala workflows: Control your publications

With Comala workflows, you can define a workflow with validation points before an article is submitted, follow the publication’s progress and create checklists with deadlines.

Draw.io Diagrams: The highest rated apps for diagrams

Since 2013, draw.io has been ranked as one of the best apps for creating diagrams. It is stable and secure, with a large library of images at your disposal. It is very easy and useful for making quality diagrams.

Team Calendars for Confluence: A friend for planners


 Team Calendars is ideal for team or event calendars which need visibility over the projects’ schedules. As a plus, it integrates well with Jira.

Choose the right app for your needs

Choosing the right app can be a daunting task, fraught with technical and functional questions. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to to get in touch with our Atlassian consultants. We have extensive on the ground experience working in customer environments, so we can help you find the best solution for your existing applications.

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