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  • Dec.13.2018

Atlassian license management tips: Why your technical contact matters

  • Dec.13.2018
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With Atlassian license management, the devil is in the details. We’ve seen clients who have lapsed in their renewal date because their technical contact was not handled properly – causing a major headache over what should be a minor task. To help you avoid shooting yourself in the foot, we’ll walk you through the who, why and how of managing your technical contacts on My Atlassian.

Who is the technical contact on My Atlassian?

The technical contact is the person designated to be the single point of contact between your company and Atlassian tools. They receive license keys, are informed about product changes and security advisories. Here, we focus on the delivery email address associated with this contact.

Why it is important to have the correct email designated as the technical contact

It’s pretty simple –  if your technical contact is not up to date, you risk miscommunication and/or lapses in services due to notifications being sent to incorrect email inboxes.

Due to security reasons, Atlassian can no longer make changes directly to your account – updates to technical contacts must be made by customers themselves. Having said that, it is also extremely important to highlight that only one email address can be used as technical contact.

Obviously, putting all your eggs in one basket can cause havoc on how your licenses are managed. If your technical contact either leaves the company, is determined to be no longer in charge of Atlassian licenses after a reorganization, or merely goes on vacation and misses the email, there is a risk of missing critical information.

Generally, we recommend creating a generic email address for your entire team. This way, everyone who is working on the same projects can access the licenses once they are delivered and there isn’t the risk of assigning only one person to be responsible for the licenses’ upkeep.

However if you want to keep visibility restricted on your project, you would need to add manually one or two other secondary technical contacts who would have visibility of your licenses.

On a final note, also make sure to double check that the email you entered is in fact the proper account! One small typo can lead to your licenses being delivered to the wrong email address – or one that doesn’t exist –  and you thus cannot access your license keys.

Tips to help you easily manage your technical contact on My Atlassian

Atlassian provides a great tutorial on how to add and update technical contacts, which you can find at this link or watch the two minute video below:

As you can see, the above isn’t necessarily hard to do – but it can be easy to forget in the day-to-day work which your team needs to focus on. Of course you can call your Licensing Specialist at Valiantys to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We offer advanced support which streamlines the delivery, renewal and optimizations of your licenses, leaving you more time to focus on your core business activities.

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