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  • Sep.8.2016

All about Atlassian tools in 3 key figures

  • Sep.8.2016
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There’s a lot to know about Atlassian tools – but most of the must-know information can be summarised in three key figures. Let’s take a closer look…

50,000+ customer references



Ever found yourself wondering: “Are there other companies in my industry that use JIRA?” The answer is surely a responding “yes“! With more than 50,000 customers, Atlassian tools are used widely across all businesses and all departments.

More than just a brand, Atlassian lives and breathes its company philosophy of collaboration and teamwork. As a result, its products have attracted both small companies undergoing expansion and very large enterprises with complex needs and processes – including many in the CAC40 and Fortune 100.

Why do these companies love Atlassian tools like JIRA, Confluence and HipChat so much? Because they help centralise essential information in a fully-integrated system, and enable each stakeholder to take part in global projects in a transparent way.

Let’s take a quick look at how Atlassian’s most popular tools can be used to empower teams and boost productivity.


Atlassian’s flagship product enables you to create numerous types of issues to be solved. These span all departments and all different kinds of requests, including:

  • “User stories” in a software project
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Onboarding resources for the HR department
  • Invoices to be paid by the accounting department
  • Flight reservations
  • Project sheets for a new initiative
  • New network areas
  • Incident and bug reports
  • Customer requests


The enterprise wiki platform Confluence can be used:

  • To manage requirements
  • As a best practice reference
  • To facilitate the exchanging and sharing of knowledge within a community through surveys, Q&As, plans and more
  • To capitalise on individual knowledge and leverage it to drive business forward


Atlassian’s instant messaging service can play an integral role in helping Agile teams collaborate and complete projects efficiently. 

HipChat acts as:

  • A corporate instant messaging service
  • A tool to quickly communicate information internally
  • A notification center

14+ yearsScreenshot_3

if you’re considering using JIRA and have a number of complex processes that need streamlining, you might be asking “Is the tool mature enough to offer industrialised processes?” Here again, it’s a “yes“!

In 2002 Atlassian was born with the first release of its main tool, JIRA, which had been designed to help Agile software development teams.

After more than 14 years and the release of seven major versions, as well as adapting JIRA to the needs of software development teams with JIRA Software, Atlassian diversified by providing a JIRA version dedicated to support and IT teams, JIRA Service Desk, and a version for business teams, JIRA Core.

Today, JIRA Software is recognised as the number one tool for project management by Agile developers.

At Valiantys, we’ve been working on expanding the use of Atlassian tools across the European and North-American market for 10 years. This longstanding collaboration gives us legitimacy and a high-level of expertise across all Atlassian tools.


2000+ add-ons



Another question that regularly pops up around the Atlassian stack is “If I need to extend the functionality of my Atlassian tools, can I?” Again, the answer is a big “yes”! In fact, a key factor behind Atlassian’s success is that its tools boast almost endless advanced configuration possibilities, enabling businesses to adapt the software to their specific needs and aims.

Thanks to the more than 2,000 add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace, the capacities of Atlassian tools can be expanded and highly customised depending on what teams are specifically looking to achieve.

Add-ons are software components that can be installed with your tools, and require either a complementary feature or make integration with other tools possible. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also develop your very own add-on to cover a specific need or integrate a self-made tool.

How do we know all about this? Because besides being an Atlassian reseller and expert integrator, we’ve also created some hugely popular Atlassian add-ons. In fact, one of these, VertygoSLA, an SLA management engine for service desks was acquired by Atlassian in order to be natively included in JIRA Service Desk.

So don’t hesitate anymore – whether you’re a small company or an established enterprise, Atlassian tools will adapt to your needs perfectly, and are scalable tools that will grow along with your company.

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