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Implement a strategic plan for your Atlassian solutions

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What you get when you turn to Valiantys for governance over your Atlassian tools

  • Access to your own Valiantys Technical Advisor (VTA), who is your designated point of contact and understands exactly your context and environment
  • Stay in control - monitor your Atlassian solutions' performance, plan how to scale your solution, and get a clear vision of your budget
  • Develop your strategy based on reliable, comprehensive and relevant data. We just want to see you succeed - that's the bottom line

Valiantys' extensive expertise with good governance will support your long-term strategy with Atlassian

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Our approach

We help you design and implement good governance over your Atlassian solutions in three steps:

  • Initial analysis: Inventory and analysis of all your Atlassian instances. This overall audit will produce an accurate picture of your current situation
  • Action plan: Recommendations for existing configuration changes (migrations, consolidation, etc.) and presentation of a framework of best practices consistent with your situation and business strategy
  • Follow-up: Active Valiantys participation in a steering/advisory committee, regular health checks, proactive demos and presentations of new solutions, budget optimization, and monitoring over the implementation of best practices
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The Valiantys difference

  • Our 360° technical and functional expertise, which we've been accumulating since 2006, translates directly to an extensive range of top-of-the-line professional services: migration, training, Cloud hosting, support and app development
  • We have experience with all support levels: technical, functional, business and end-user
  • Our lengthy client roster enables us to introduce you to other companies facing similar challenges, so you can brainstorm and find the right solution
  • Our privileged relationship with Atlassian means we always know what is going to happen in the Atlassian ecosystem
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100+ Atlassian certifications
60+ in-house Valiantys consultants
5,500+ projects managed by our teams

We've partnered with Valiantys in nearly every step of our journey.

Erin C. Generali

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