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Elements apps helps teams at more than 3500 companies be more productive with Jira and Confluence.

Elements Connect for Jira helps you ensure your data is in the hands of the people who need it when they need it. Bring your external data inside Jira and empower your teams to work faster and smarter. Connect Jira to your SQL database, CRM, LDAP, Asset Manager, and more.
Elements Connect custom fields for Jira

Bring your external data inside Jira with Elements Connect

Populate custom fields with data from any source. Query data from data sources like an SQL database, LDAP, REST API, or your local Jira.
Create dynamic fields and set up dependencies. Fetch values depending on the context of the issue, or create cascading select lists.
Customize the display of your data with templates using HTML, native AUI component, headers, footers, and even tables or bullet lists.
Choose between "Live" fields to display real-time data, and "Snapshot" fields.
Copy, link and sync issues, even across multiple Jira projects. Keep teams working on different issues in sync and automate issue copy. Elements Copy & Sync is a three-in-one Jira app: it covers a wide range of use-cases, including ITSM and DevOps, and offers the perfect balance between advanced configuration possibilities and ease of set-up.
Elements Copy & Sync for Jira

Automatic issue copy and fields sync with Elements Copy & Sync

Speed up issue creation through advanced copy. Configure exactly what you want to copy between issues: fields, comments, attachments.
Synchronize data across Jira issues. Updated fields or new comments are synchronized, even between Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.
Create and link multiple Jira issues in one click or automatically during transitions.
Elements Spreadsheet for Confluence is a spreadsheet editor that offers the perfect balance between the ergonomics of Confluence tables and the power of Excel spreadsheets. It's ideal for project management, budgeting, and reporting spreadsheets.

Embed your advanced tables in Confluence with Elements Spreadsheet

Use formulas, filters, and drop-down lists to organize your data and run calculations.
Seamless display of your dynamic tables with the Confluence look & feel - you can even use Date Pickers and @mentions in your tables.
Convert to and from Excel with easy importing and exporting.
Create pages in Confluence directly from Jira issues, manually or automatically during a workflow transition. Design your Confluence page using the in-app text editor and publish your issue details, attachments, and labels.

Build Confluence pages with Jira issue details with Elements Publish to Confluence

Easy to use recipes let you create Confluence pages with the issue data like the description, text fields, labels, and attachments from Jira – published alongside static content.
Page creation can be triggered manually or automatically as a post-function. You can control where and when recipes will be available by adding filters to each recipe, or user conditions.
Design your Confluence page using the in-app WYSIWYG editor and get the layout you need: no scripting or webhooks to configure.
Publish Jira issue details to create post-mortems, meetings notes, knowledge base articles, employee onboarding or to archive issues for compliance needs.

No matter which environment you’re on, there’s an Elements app for you

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