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Xray Training - Online

Get training that outlines the full capabilities of Xray for Jira from Atlassian certified experts to start building concrete, useful tests.

  • Nov.29.2023


Your company already uses Jira; Xray will allow you to perform tests without overloading your team with tools: Learn to use Xray extensions to enable yourself to carry out tests and monitor them directly in Jira.


1 day

Attendees profile

Project managers, managers, business analysts, and Jira administrators who want to get a full overview of XRAY features and how to use them to transform their needs into concrete tests.

Trainer skills

Advanced knowledge of and work experience with a variety of real use cases involving the tool as a technical consultant; a qualified engineering or equivalent master’s degree

Teaching approach and resources

Training combines theoretical lectures and practical presentations by the trainer with interactive oral and computer-based practical work by participants;

Each participant has the use of a computer with a camera, microphone (with one or 2 screens), and a headset;

Before beginning the training, a PDF presentation is provided that contains the course content and exercises so participants can take notes and review the course after the session.

The trainer then sends access codes to the participant so they can connect to the online practice session and the video conference.

Training is delivered via Teams. The trainer can share their screen and access the participant’s practice session to help them.

Assessment resources

  • A correction session with the trainer for each exercise; participants take turns presenting one exercise each;
  • A satisfaction survey is also offered to those trained at the end of the day.


Be familiar with and use Jira


Understand the test possibilities that XRAY offers

Course outline

Xray for Jira is an application developed by XpandIT and is used to organize testing activities in Jira by providing the concepts of tests, test campaigns, and requirements. Tests and test campaigns are issue types in Jira; with Xray, you can identify certain types of existing issues as requirements.

Xray can therefore be very useful if you want to integrate your testing activities into Jira,.

  • Reminder: Jira projects (workflows, issues, authorizations, tickets, etc.)
  • Managing tests with Xray (concept, managing tests, etc.)
  • Organizing Jira projects
  • Creating automatic links and executing tests
  • Quickly visualizing requirements coverage
  • General Xray administration

Main concepts

  • Analyzing test requirements
  • Managing roles (developer, tester, project manager, etc.)
  • Understanding specific features (testers, test creation, campaigns, etc.)
  • Setup, deployment
  • Executing, prioritizing
  • A look at the main concepts – issues – requirements in Jira
  • Planning (test prioritization, environment, specifications, etc.)
  • Analyzing reports, dealing with assessments, facilitating decision-making

Exercises provided for the trainees

  • Creating test management and requirements coverage – 30 mins
  • Creating epics and stories – 5 mins
  • Planning and executing tests – 15 mins
  • Executing the test plan – 30 min
  • Generating reports – 5 mins
  • Correcting bugs – 10 mins
  • Importing test steps – 15 mins

Registration closed

Registration for this course is now closed. Please visit our training resources to see what other courses are available.

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