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Confluence advanced training - Online

Confluence makes it easier than ever for teams to collaborate and share information — and our training will help you make the most of it.

  • Nov.28.2023


Already a Confluence user and want to go further? Looking to learn about best use practices to encourage adoption, acquire a good command of macros and templates and administer your instance?

This training course will provide you with all the know-how you need to become an advanced user and give you Confluence administration best practices. We also cover apps and the possibilities for integration with other tools, at the global and individual space levels.


1 day

Attendee profile

Confluence users, advanced users and administrators who want to shift up a gear and become more proficient in the tool.

Trainer skills

Advanced knowledge and work experience of a variety of real Confluence use cases as a technical consultant; a qualified engineer or equivalent master’s degree

Teaching approach and resources

Training combines theoretical lectures with interactive oral and computer-based practical work.

Assessment resources

A multiple choice quiz tests what participants have learned at the end of the course.

A satisfaction survey is also offered to those trained at the end of the day.


Prior knowledge and use of Confluence. The prerequisites are covered in our “Confluence user training” course.

Check the prerequisites with our online app.



  • Think about and discuss best practices for encouraging adoption and the pitfalls to avoid when your teams use Confluence.
  • Review some of the main user macros for formatting text, and enable advanced features
  • Be able to configure a Confluence space or a full instance for your organization
  • Provide high-quality technical administration for Confluence

Course outline

Wiki governance and best practices

  • Wiki patterns: good behavior, bad behavior
  • Gardening
  • Archiving
  • Need for a space, and adoption motivation

Administration of spaces in Confluence – exercises

  • Archiving and deleting spaces
  • Side panel
  • Space management
  • Content management
  • Security, permissions, and user groups
  • Page restrictions
  • Undefined page – trash
  • Exporting PDFs and HTML and importing Word pages
  • Home page and navigation macros best practices
  • Monitoring spaces (labels, tasks)
  • Customizing spaces
  • Jira Core integration
  • Customizing templates

Advanced macros

  • Content formatting macros, in particular:
    • Page properties
    • Page properties report
    • Page tree
    • Children display
    • Content by label
    • Label list
    • Task report
    • Space attachment (monitoring)
    • Jira report
    • Jira chart report

Page and blueprints templates

  • Create from template macro
  • Customizing templates
  • Deactivating and promoting templates and blueprints
  • Instructional text, variables (wizards)

Registration closed

Registration for this course is now closed. Please visit our training resources to see what other courses are available.

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