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Advanced Roadmaps training - Online

Get up to speed with Atlassian Agile PPM tool: Advanced Roadmap. Agile roadmaps, capacity planning and real-time reporting.

  • Nov.15.2023


Do you want to have better visibility of what is happening in all of your teams and all of your projects? Discover Agile roadmaps based on your Jira data, how you can allocate resources and manage capacities, real-time forecasts, dynamic reports and all the other features of the Advanced Roadmaps app. This 1-day training will give you the keys to using the tool for managing your project portfolio.


1 day

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Attendees profile

Project managers and Jira users who want to discover the potential of the Advanced Roadmaps app and learn to plan and monitor projects in a cross-functional way for several teams.

Teaching approach and resources

Training combines theoretical lectures with interactive oral and computer-based practical work.

Assessment resources

  • A multiple choice quiz tests what participants have learned at the end of the course.
  • A satisfaction survey is also offered to those trained at the end of the day.


  • Knowledge of Jira
  • Knowledge of software development and publication cycles.

Check that you have the prerequisites using our online app.


  • Discover the features and examine case studies of Advanced Roadmap for Jira
  • Use Advanced Roadmap to effectively manage your portfolio activity
  • Test out several planning and organizational options for everyday use in planning new version sprints.


Course outline

  • Getting started with Advanced Roadmap basics
  • Planning and managing a project, framing, teams
  • Understanding the administration of Advanced Roadmap’s specific features
  • Jira & Advanced Roadmaps: interconnection
  • Issue hierarchy
  • Overview of the features
  • Knowing the limitations
  • Other tools (Jira Align, Big Picture)
  • Exercises: planning, releases, scenarios, permissions, specificities 

Event organizers

Registration closed

Registration for this course is now closed. Please visit our training resources to see what other courses are available.

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