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EazyBI training

EazyBI is a powerful BI solution that allows you to collect, analyze and present data from various sources including Jira, Git repositories, databases and even Excel spreadsheets.

In this course, you'll learn the main underlying principles of EazyBI such as data source connections, EazyBI accounts, cubes and calculated measures. You'll learn how to build your own reports and you'll get an unique opportunity to get advice and expert feedback from our experienced trainer.

In an in-house training context, this course can be tailored further to fit your team's workflows and specific requirements.


1 day

Available formats

Public or private class, live online or on-site

Course code


Attendees profile

Project managers, team leaders, business analysts or Jira administrators wishing to get an overview of how to efficiently use the main features of EazyBI, and to transform needs in actual reports.


It's strongly advised you have a solid idea of which KPI's you are using: what type of data in Jira is relevant for your teams and what you want to monitor and improve.

For creating more complex reports, development skills are necessary (MDX language).


  • Understand the capabilities of EazyBI
  • Be familiar with the main concepts of EazyBI: EazyBI account, account user, source data, cube, dimension, measure
  • Get an overview of MDX (multidimensional expressions)
  • Connect EazyBI to other data sources, cross-reference and consolidate data

Course outline

What is EazyBI, and why use it?

  • OLAP cubes
  • Installation
  • Data model

Main concepts

  • EazyBI accounts
  • Source data
    • How to import data?
    • What to import?
  • Dimensions / measures
  • Calculated members

Working with EazyBI to create reports

  • Create your first report (out of the box without using MDX)
  • Use the EazyBI reports features
  • Create and share your dashboards

Advanced features

  • How to use multidimensional expressions (MDX)?
    • Understanding the syntax
    • How to deal with levels, members and hierarchy
    • How to sort, calculate with MDX
    • Best practices around the calculated members
  • How to use scripted calculated fields (Javascript…)
  • How to publish eazyBI reports
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