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Valiantys Enterprise Day London - Watch Video

Valiantys Enterprise Day


Held once a year in London, this event is your chance meet other Atlassian users, the Valiantys team, representatives from Atlassian and Atlassian Apps vendors. Our inspiring conference allows you to network, watch demos and listen to real-life use cases. Save the date: The next one will be held on May 15th, 2018.
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Valiantys Enterprise Day London - Watch Video

Customer workshops

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Our half-day sessions immerse you in the topics that matter. Share your questions, experience and challenges regarding the Atlassian suite with 5-10 other professionals and our Valiantys certified consultant. You'll leave with practical insights which you can apply immediately, ideas for the future and the confidence you're getting the most out of your Atlassian tools.

Valiantys Enterprise Day London - Watch Video


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In just 45 minutes, you'll unearth a new tool or use case surrounding the Atlassian suite. Our webinars provide an overview of the subject, concrete use cases and a demo by one of our certified Atlassian consultants. We always leave time for questions at the end, so you can get your burning questions answered directly. See our agenda and reserve your spot!

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DevOps showcase Brussels


Meet Valiantys at the DevOps showcase Brussels and learn how Atlassian tools can help your team adopt a DevOps approach with agility and speed.


Swiss Testing Day


Valiantys will be a sponsor of the Swiss Testing Day in Zurich. Meet our team and discuss your Test Management challenges during this major Software Testing Conference in Switzerland. Discover how Jira Software, Confluence and the Xray app can help you automate your testing processes, ensuring your produce quality software.

(You'll get admission to the DevOps Fusion conference with the same ticket)

Valiantys nimmt an "Swiss Testing Day" Ereignis in Zürich teil. Treffen Sie unser Team und teilen Sie Ihre Herausforderungen bei Testverwaltung wahrend der "Software Testing Conference of Switzerland" organisiert von "Testers for Testers". Entdecken Sie wie Jira Software, Confluence und Xray App Ihnen helfen Ihre Test-Vorgänge zu industrializieren und die Qualität Ihres Softwares zu sichern.


DevOps Summit


Meet Valiantys at the DevOps Summit in London to learn how Atlassian tools can help you adopt a DevOps approach with agility and speed.


GDC Tradeshow

San Francisco

Atlassian and Valiantys will be part of GDC Tradeshow in San Francisco. Meet our team during the world's largest professional gaming exhibition and learn how Atlassian tools can meet the gaming industry's business needs.


Service Manager Dag


Valiantys will sponsor the Service Manager Dag event in Amersfoort, which covers Service Intelligence. Our team will be happy to share with you our solutions to make IT services fast, viable and flexible. Discover how Atlassian tools can adapt to your IT and collaboration challenges.

Valiantys zal de Service Manager Dag in Amersfoort sponsoren. Tijdens de Service Manager Dag zal vooral Service Intelligence, het integreren van mens en nieuwe technologieën binnen de IT-servicemarkt, worden behandeld. Ons team toont u graag hoe onze oplossingen ingezet kunnen worden om uw IT dienstverlening snel, rendabel en flexibel te laten verlopen. Ontdek ook hoe Atlassians producten zich schikken naar uw IT- en samenwerkingsbehoeften.


Opening Boston


After over ten years of being one of the leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners in Europe, Valiantys is pleased to be entering into the US market with the launch of Valiantys US, located in central Boston.

To mark this milestone in Valiantys’ expansion, Valiantys will be hosting an opening party, on April 05th in Boston, to celebrate our new team, clients and partners.

You'll network with Valiantys and other Altassian leaders in Boston and leave with a plethora of knowledge, including how your team can adopt Atlassian tools to facilitate processes with agility and speed.




Atlassian et Valiantys seront présents à la 10ème édition de la Journée Française des Tests Logiciels (JFTL), le grand rassemblement des professionnels du test logiciel et de la qualité des systèmes d’information en France.

Découvrez comment Jira Software, Confluence et les apps Atlassian vous permettent d'industrialiser vos activités de tests et garantissent la qualité de vos logiciels. Echangez avec nos équipes sur nos retours d'expérience et les succès client sur le sujet.


Valiantys Enterprise Day London

15/05/2018 - 08:30

The annual Valiantys Enterprise Day London will be held on May 15th, 2018 at the ect. venues St Paul's.

Throughout the year we listen to all of our clients' ideas for their projects, the challenges they face and cheer them on when they succeed. The Valiantys Enterprise Day London is the opportunity to bring everyone together under one roof and discuss the topics that matter for boosting your productivity with Atlassian tools.

This year the event's theme will be "Scale Up with Atlassian." The day will be jam-packed with presentations by our experts, demos of the leading apps on the Atlassian Marketplace and a Keynote from Atlassian themselves.


Valiantys Enterprise Day Switzerland


Notre Valiantys Enterprise Day Suisse est de retour pour sa 2ème édition à Lausanne, le 14 juin 2018.

Tout au long de l'année, nous avons écouté les idées et problématiques autour des projets de nos clients pour célébrer ensemble leurs réussites.

Au programme de cette journée particulière : des présentations par nos experts, des démos d'applications phares de l'Atlassian Market Place, des keynotes d'Atlassian et des témoignages clients.

Une occasion unique pour se retrouver, échanger et partager autour des sujets qui comptent pour booster votre productivité à l'aide des outils Atlassian.


Valiantys Enterprise Day Paris

11/10/2018 - 09:00 CET

Notre 5ème Valiantys Enterprise Day revient cette année au Pan Piper (Paris centre) le 11 octobre 2018.

Au programme de cette journée exceptionnelle : des présentations et démos éclairantes par nos experts certifiés, des démos des meilleurs applications de la Market Place Atlassian, une keynote d'Atlassian sur la nouveauté du moment et des témoignages inspirants de nos clients.

C'est une occasion unique pour se retrouver et échanger autour des sujets qui comptent pour vous, chaque jour. Tout ceci dans une ambiance bienveillante et décontractée.