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Valiantys as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in 2019

As we start off 2019, we’re taking a moment to reflect upon our mission as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. What added-value do we want to bring our customers in the years to come?

We exist as a complement to Atlassian by serving our customers’ needs for local professional services, managed services, and additional integrations in Atlassian products. We provide a range of software products and end-to-end services, which help companies adopt, deploy, support and make the most of their Atlassian tools. In this role, we help transform teamwork in organizations across the world, making teams more collaborative, agile, efficient and delighted.

Quite simply, we strive to be the leading Atlassian experts for the enterprise. But what does it truly mean to be “the best”?

Given the range of products from Atlassian and the different markets that bend the tools to fit their needs, for Valiantys being the leader in Atlassian’s solution partner ecosystem means that we’re prepared for whatever our clients may ask of us. This could be a team of 12,000 Confluence users in the travel industry needing an easy way for internal collaboration or a global insurance company building an excellent service desk with Jira Service Desk. Whatever you need, we want to continue to live up to our reputation that we are the people your company can count on.

It’s a big objective, but with our vision we’re setting ourselves – and our clients – up for success.

Where Valiantys wins as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

We’re focused. For over 12 years, Valiantys has been 100% focused on Atlassian. Given how fast Atlassian is moving, we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin; we do what we are genuinely good at. Know that when it comes to Atlassian services, Valiantys is in for the long-term.

We’re international.  We’re focused, but you can find us almost anywhere. With 12 offices across the world, we can serve our enterprise customers on a global scale and provide services around the clock. Valiantys’ local management, delivery and sales means we don’t lose touch on a human scale and we’re able to seamlessly integrate into your team.

We deliver. Based on strong methodologies, we have one of the most mature managed service offerings in the Atlassian ecosystem, and are constantly investing heavily in this domain. We also have one of the most Atlassian-certified personnel internally, reflecting the fact our delivery capabilities can serve the most demanding customers and we can scale with our client’s needs.

We’re relationship-centricWe enjoy an excellent and close relationship with Atlassian, being the only partner who has remained part of their advisory council since its inception. We also have friendly relationships with Atlassian ecosystem vendors as we work with them to find the best solutions for our clients. With more than 4,500 customers globally, we enjoy deep and trusting relationships with the companies we have worked with.

We’re in Jira Service Desk. We sold our product VertygoSLA to Atlassian in 2013, which became a core component of Jira Service Desk, one of Atlassian’s flagship products and now a leading IT Service Management system (ITSM). This illustrates the trust Atlassian places in us, our knowledge of ITSM and the quality of our work.

We have our affairs in order. We’ve invested in our tools, people and systems which ensure we run well as a company. Our book-keeping, reporting, invoicing, payment terms, license renewals and fulfillment allows us to capture the value we create as a business.

What can be expected of Valiantys as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Our enterprise clients require more from the Atlassian ecosystem. Historically, Atlassian solutions have penetrated markets following a bottom-up model, and year after year their footprint keeps increasing across all companies where they are present. Atlassian tools are reaching a level of being mission critical, meaning enterprises are accelerating and scaling their deployment globally – with higher expectations (performance, consolidation, high availability).  We believe in the value of Valiantys’ professional services to meet these challenges.

While Atlassian made its name providing tools for software development teams, they are now expanding into the IT Service Management and IT Operations segments. Even beyond IT and development, business teams also love Atlassian tools for their proven record in moving teamwork forward.

To help our customers find the specific solution they need, check out our office locations and contact our people on the ground. You can also get more information on our consultingtraininghosting and support services.

While we are focused, we’re clear on one fact: a static strategy is a bad strategy. We adapt year after year to take into account major changes in both our business environment and yours.

We are looking forward to teaming up with new and current clients in the coming year, and we wish everyone a very productive 2019.

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