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  • Jun.8.2023

Valiantys new leadership appointments

  • Jun.8.2023
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We are thrilled to announce some significant leadership changes here at Valiantys. As we continue to grow and adapt to the ever-evolving consulting and tech landscape, these changes are designed to position us at the forefront of innovation and reinforce our commitment to delivering excellence to our clients and Atlassian.

First and foremost, on May 25, 2023, we were excited to announce the appointment of our new Global Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Benoit. With his extensive experience in the tech industry and an exceptional track record of driving growth and success, his strategic vision and passion for empowering organizations through digital transformation will undoubtedly help us lead the way forward, and reinforce our leading market position in the Atlassian ecosystem.

Emmanuel will temporarily retain his role as the Chief Executive Officer of North America over coming months, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of leadership.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Florent Razafi, current Chief Financial Officer, as our new Global Chief Operating Officer. Florent will lead high-performing teams and our business infrastructure scale up which will support Valiantys’ growth and transformation, while maintaining focus on our strategic pillars. His focus on overall operational efficiency, along with fostering a collaborative work culture align perfectly with Valiantys’ values.

Furthermore, we are proud to introduce Tilman Mürle as the Chief Executive Officer in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Tilman will spearhead our efforts to further establish Valiantys as a leading force in Europe, more specifically the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region, and Africa – two markets we are continuing to expand in. His proven track record, combined with his deep understanding of the DACH region, will empower us to exponentially grow and strengthen our footprint in EMEA. The new EMEA team will be overseen by Tilman and will include:

  • Jérôme Anstrousse, previously the General Manager for South EMEA, is now appointed to Chief Operating Officer in EMEA. Jerome will streamline our processes, nurture our talent pool, and enhance our technological infrastructure, ensuring operational excellence across the region.
  • Fraser Moffat, previously the General Manager for North EMEA, is now a strategic advisor for the EMEA region. He will bring invaluable insights to the region, including his extensive industry expertise.

These changes in our leadership team represent a new chapter for Valiantys, one that is centered around a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer success. We believe that these changes will propel us toward new opportunities, strengthen our position in the market, and empower us to better serve our customers’ evolving needs.

“At Valiantys, our vision and strategy remain unchanged. We will empower our teams to achieve their highest potential to supercharge sales and delivery, while providing unique customer experiences through the transformative power of Atlassian solutions. With these leadership updates in place, we are confident that we will be able to steer our organization to even greater heights,” says Emmanuel Benoit, Global Chief Executive Officer at Valiantys.

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