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Hipchat commands you should know

Hipchat is the team chat tool for enterprises to communicate in real time. It streamlines productivity, as you are able to get quick access to your colleagues and move projects forward. This is especially useful if your teams are based remotely, so just walking down the hallway might not be an option.

Furthermore, Hipchat is a great tool to cultivate a strong, positive corporate culture. At Valiantys, we have different themed rooms to meet up after work, to take tea breaks, and even to help us get organized around ordering take-out for lunch.

If you use Hipchat on a daily basis, knowing a few shortcuts can shave seconds off your work time – which adds up in the long run. They make it faster and easier to execute commands, but the tab combinations are not always well-known. To make your teamwork easier, here are some useful shortcuts for Hipchat commands.

Searching history on Hipchat

Hipchat can be a valuable data resource as so much information is shared among team members such as documents, links, workflow communications, and more. The challenge is trying to find that one helpful link your co-worker sent you several months ago or that specific discussion your had with your team member.

For Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, hit Control + F. Mac users can hit ⌘ + F.  Your cursor will automatically move to the search bar, where you can type your request.



Looking for a specific room or co-worker?

If you want to join a room or a one-on-one chat, the tabs for this shortcut for Windows and Linux users is Control + T.  Mac users should hit ⌘ + T.  A new search bar will appear in the center of your screen.  Start typing your request and a drop-down window will appear.


Adding a teammate to a room or chat

This can be a important shortcut as your team grows or new employees come on board. Windows and Linux users should hit Control + I, while Mac users ⌘+ I. A medium-sized window will appear to type in the person’s name and a message.


Too many rooms and chats?

You may get to the point where there are too many rooms listed on your sidebar or you may also have one too many one-on-one chats going on – which can distract you from your work. Time to clean up your screen of the unnecessary clutter. For Microsoft Windows and Linux users, the shortcut is Control + W to close these rooms or chats.  For Mac users, it’s ⌘ +W.


Toggling between rooms and chats

It’s helpful to have a shortcut to move to the back and forth between rooms. Windows and Linux users should hit Control + Tab to move down, and Control + Shift + Tab to move up ; Mac users can hit ⌘ + Option + scroll down/up arrows.



Edit the last Hipchat message with the substitution command

No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you need to let those typos linger. You can type s/wrong word/right word to correct an error. Careful, this will only work on the last message sent.


 Get the Atlassian suite

The great thing about Atlassian tools is that they integrate with one another and fully unleashes the power of your team. It integrates with Confluence, Atlassian’s documentation tool, so your teams can work together on content and requirements. It’s another intuitive tool with its own set of shortcuts as well.

There are plenty of other capabilities that Hipchat can offer your team. If you need help with the licensing and implementation, our Valiantys consultants can answer your questions and guide the deployment. Get in touch with us below.

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