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  • Jul.5.2022

Integrating a holistic vision will help you build more functional teams

  • Jul.5.2022
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"Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there"

Virginia Burden

Although you may just be starting to view your IT operations and development teams as service management providers, it’s important to recognize that they’re likely already functioning in this role. IT service management (ITSM) tools, like Jira Service Management, can help your IT and development teams elevate these interactions by integrating simple automations that fulfill basic functions and tasks, but often it’s not that simple. To embrace the full benefits of a service management approach, you must also identify what problems your teams are seeking to update or solve. In other words: how can enhanced processes help your employees become more efficient while working towards strategic company goals?

IT and development already have the expertise

It’s likely that your IT and development teams are already utilizing a holistic approach when providing interdepartmental service management. For example, these departments are evaluating how calls and requests are being routed, if people prefer emailing or phoning the service desk, whether questions that involve sensitive information should be coming through your service desk, etc. With this experience, your IT and development teams can ensure that all other departments successfully fine tune a more responsive mindset, companywide. Ultimately, this will help your organization make a smooth transition to an agile environment, with the primary goal of ensuring that every department is setup to behave as service providers when interacting with each other.

Start where you’re at

By applying agility to your service management system, you can ensure that all team members – from those requesting support to those delivering it – feel enabled to find the best possible solutions. ITIL is a framework designed to develop, deploy, and maintain service value across its teams, and among other guiding principles, encourages organizations to start where they’re at when it comes to implementing solutions. Small and incremental changes are often the most successfully integrated because they’re simple enough to be understood and implemented by team members and can also be tailored to meet each team’s unique needs. You can also use tools like Jira Service Management to target and meet these needs and requirements – ultimately, creating a more unified enterprise management approach.

Ready to create a more holistic service management environment?

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