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What’s new in JIRA 5.2 ?

Only 4 months after the release of JIRA 5.1, a new JIRA version is available! If you have not migrated to JIRA 5 yet, don’t panic, you can still upgrade your old JIRA 4 (or older JIRA 3 for retro lovers) to this brand new version.

So, what’s new? To begin with, a completely new issue navigator will make every JIRA user happy: faster search, without page reload and a simplified access to saved filters.  It will be easier to switch from simple to advanced search mode and some pre-saved filters are just one click away.

Criteria choice has also been simplified and only the ones you want will be displayed; the everlasting issue navigator with its huge left column is now over.

Here is a little screenshot that shows all those features.

Some new features will bring comfort to your beloved JIRA administrators. The workflow designer, which was useful to edit workflows, will now allow you to edit workflow schemes. In addition to adding a substantial visual effect, it saves you the hassle of copying your workflow scheme every time you edit a workflow.

Screen creation will also be easier with a new user interface that allows drag & drop fields. You will be able to change the position of your fields faster.

JIRA 5.2 will make webhooks available. A webhook is a sort of event that is triggered each time an action is made on an issue. Those webhooks will send http post requests that will allow you to integrate JIRA with your information system easily. For the moment, you are obliged to use the native JIRA “Listeners” where you have to use Java code.

You can view a use case for webhooks in an Atlassian blog post: receive SMS notifications on JIRA events.

Finally, JIRA 5.2 brings new performance improvements for all large scale JIRA users. Since the release of JIRA 5.0, Atlassian has had a dedicated team working on improving time response on all JIRA instance with huge volumetry.

Don’t hesitate to download a trial version, it’s free! For any question or a possible support from us on your upgrade process, you can contact us at:

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