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  • May.3.2013

VertygoSLA Version 7 released!

  • May.3.2013
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For our customers and partners, VertygoSLA has become a major tool in the Atlassian ecosystem and can now be found in the Top 10 add-ons for JIRA.

As part of our constant quest to improve our products, we are pleased to announce the major release of VertygoSLA Version 7 for JIRA.

We especially focused on the features that were most voted for by our clients in our JIRA.

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What’s new?

Use JQL to set conditions

Now, when defining SLA conditions, you can use the powerful JIRA Query Language. This gives you the ability to use detailed and complex queries to define the conditions under which your SLA should be applied. And of course you can forget about the manual criteria which were used before.


We have added the ability to give a weight to each condition. VertygoSLA will try to apply each condition by order of weight (highest to lowest) until one of them is met.



If you want one of your SLAs to be applied before another, you can just increase the weight of its conditions.

If we image you define two SLAs of the same type with the following conditions:

  1. SLA 1 : project = ‘My Project’
  2. SLA 2 : project = ‘My Project’ AND issueType = ‘Bug’ AND priority = ‘Critical’

For SLA 2 to be applied before SLA 1, you just need to give it a greather weight (e.g. ‘2’) than SLA 1.

Change the colors of your SLA

The most requested feature for VertygoSLA: you can now choose the colors which will be displayed based on the time consumed. By setting thresholds, you can control when the color should change and each threshold can have a different color.

Colors are very important to quickly identify urgent issues and it is useful to change the color thresholds when you have more than one SLA. You might find red too aggressive or prefer to show SLAs in bright purple when they reach 90% – it’s up to you!


SLAs based on working days

We’ve added a new way to measure SLA time agreements: business days. Until now, you could use minutes and hours spent but this did not suit all organizations.

If you use business days as a time agreement, each day started will be considered as worked.

Suppose you created a calendar running from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and your SLA is 3 business days. If your SLA starts on Friday at 3pm, it will have to end by the following Tuesday at 6pm.


Please note that this feature is experimental and we are eager to receive feedback from our clients to improve it. Some of the SLA functionalities aren’t available for business-days based SLAs.

Agreement time alerts

We also added a more detailed and visible alert on the impact of changes to an agreement time


Better JQL

The SLA function in JQL can now use base date functions, such as now (), startOfDay (), etc.

This means you can JQL requests such as: SLA in slaSearch(“due date”, “<“, “endOfWeek()”)


Better API & integration with PowerReport

The VertygoSLA REST API can now produce XML, which notably allows you to integrate with the PowerReport advanced reporting add-on.

Copy and sort configuration items

Two features which will be very useful to teams using a great deal of SLAs: all the configuration items can be copied over and they can be sorted by alphabetical order. This will save you time when creating new SLAs and make it easier to find the information you want.

Other improvements

  • Full XML export from your browser
  • Compliance with the standard date format in JIRA JQL
  • A “Feedback” button so you can tell us what you think


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