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The 12 JIRA and Confluence hacks of Christmas: part two

In the second part of our 12 JIRA and Confluence hacks of Christmas, our consultants share their favourite tips and shortcuts for getting stuff done more quickly and easily with Atlassian tools.

Hack #7

Want to jump quickly to a subsection within a long Confluence page? All you have to do is to add an Anchor macro within the section you want to jump to, and then add an advanced link (e.g. “#chapter4‘) to it.

Hack #8

Want to keep track of ticket updates? Simply go to the ticket and click Start watching this issue to start receiving email notifications about ticket updates and transitions.

Hack #9

Users having issues assigning or transitioning issues but not sure which part has gone wrong? Simply hit on “G” key twice or G + G and look for Permission Helper. Select the affected user and choose the problem they have encountered, before hitting the Submit button. The missing privileges will be explained under the Status line.

Hack #10

Didn’t receive a notification from JIRA? Check out the Notification Helper and enter the affected user and the notification event by simply hitting on “G” key twice or G + G. It will explain which settings are configured incorrectly.

Hack #11

Are you JIRA administrator and tired of accessing the server to view the application logs ? Now, you can do that easily from within JIRA administration section – simply install the free add-on Last Log and you will have the ability to view and search JIRA logs from the add-ons section.


Hack #12

Tired of dragging and dropping all your stories into a sprint? Simply reorder the stories in your backlog, then pull down the sprint to include the stories you want!

JIRA and Confluence hacks

And there you have it – the 12 JIRA and Confluence hacks of Christmas. Have any more of your own? Share them below!

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