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  • Jul.22.2013

nFeed Version 5 released

  • Jul.22.2013
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The new major release of nFeed is now available in two versions:

  • V for JIRA 6
  • V for JIRA 5

nFeed has becom a major Atlassian ecosystem product, being regularly featured in the Top 10 JIRA Add-ons. We see more and more customers and partners trust nFeed to cover very different types of use cases and this encourages us to make it even better!

nFeed for JIRA

This new release brings changes that have been requested by our customers and partners, such as an LDAP connector and compatibility with JIRA 6.

What’s new ?

Compatibility with JIRA 6

nFeed is compatible with the latest version of JIRA. It includes all the functionalities and bugfixes listed below.


LDAP Integration

You can now connect JIRA to your LDAP data with nFeed.


Read-Only Custom Field

There is a new Read Only display type for the nFeed customfield. When selected, the field will display the values returned by your query but it cannot be modified. It’s useful to display information which should not be edited.


Access to Issue Properties

You can now use almost all the properties of an issue in your queries: Reporter, Assignee, Priority, Component, Status, Date updated… see the full list on the page Advanced Configuration.

Better Autocomplete

The autocomplete query is now re-run every time you add or remove a letter in the autocomplete field.


Rendering for Edit mode

You can now choose how the information collected by your query should be displayed in the Edit and Create screen.

For example in the case below we want to display both a User Name and a User ID in a Select list.


Once we save our configuration, we can see that both values are displayed side-by-side in separate columns in our Select list.


New User/Group Pickers

There are now 2 nFeed custom fields:

– the usual ‘nFeed‘ custom field: when this field is used in a workflow transition (Post-Function or Validator), it is rendered as a User Picker field

– the new ‘nFeed User‘ custom field: when used in a workflow transition, it will be rendered as a Group Picker field.


Inline Edit with Dependencies

When a field (system, custom field, nFeed) is modified using inline edit and this field has dependencies with other fields, you will now see open a pop-up window which shows all the dependent fields (including all descendants) and gives you the ability to edit them.


Other improvements

Many minor improvements and bug fixes are also part of this release, the full list is available here.


Atlassian Marketplace


Installation and upgrade guide


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