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nFeed 5.4 : Compatibility with JIRA 7 and new features

The newly released 5.4 version of nFeed embeds new features to improve JIRA user experience. In addition to this, it is now fully compatible with JIRA 7 ! The user interface has been reshaped and simplified. New features have been added as well, such a bulk edit feature, SQL/velocity syntax highlight and query tester. Let’s start with the feature the most expected: the bulk edit feature.

Bulk Edit feature

The main feature of this new nFeed version is the ability to control nFeed field’s value in the Bulk Edit mode. It is now possible to safely handle fields with dependencies during bulk editing, which was not the case in the previous versions. Now when users want to change a parent value, it is mandatory to update the whole dependency tree. Indeed, when a parent field is checked, all children fields will be automatically checked in the Bulk Edit and the user has to set a new value on both fields. This way, nFeed values will always be consistent.


Clear messages have been added below the nFeed fields to guide users and provide all necessary information for a proper Bulk edit.


The new User Interface

For those of you who already use nFeed, you will not be lost with this new main administration page and its three principal configuration pages. UI The datasource management page has not changed since the last version, but a new option is now available when configuring nFeed fields. If there is no existing nFeed field, users will be informed with a link directing to the custom field creation page. customfield The exact same link appears on the top-right corner of the screen when nFeed fields already exist, in case a new one has to be created. customfield2   The configuration page has been modified as well so setting options could be classified in a more coherent and clearer way. Four tabs are now available during a field configuration. conffield

  • The Edit View tab contains the edit query editor and all other features related to the nFeed field edit mode. The searching parameters that were available on the previous versions has been dispatched to the Search view tab.
  • The Display view tab contains all setting options related to display modes (basically how the nFeed field will display its value(s)) such as the issue view or issue navigator view. The view modes need to be activated to be configured. A Select list button is available on the top-right corner of the screen to select the display mode to be configured.
  • The Search view tab contains all setting options related to the JQL search. These parameters were previously available in the Edit tab. They need to be activated as well.
  • The Advanced configuration tab contains parameters related to caching and debug mode.

SQL/Velocity syntax highlight and query tester

When queries need to be written in nFeed (Edit modes, Display views and Search view) the syntax highlight is now available and make building queries even easier. This feature is very convenient when writting long and complex queries. Two buttons have been configured to switch from Velocity and SQL syntax highlight. query From now, there is no need to be on the issue view to assess the nFeed field behaviour: you can now test the query directly on the configuration page thanks to the Test query button. The Test query feature asks the user to type the key of the issue on which the query needs to be tested. The results appear as a list. An error message will be displayed in case nFeed did not manage to execute the query. querytest

Try it now !

Many other improvements have been included in this version. I only described here the main features of the new user interface so that  you still have the suprise what nFeed 5.4 now offers ! Now, time to test! Try it for yourself.

Try nFeed 5.4

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