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Meet JIRA 7

Say hello to JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Core.

This is not one, but three products that Atlassian releases with JIRA 7 : three purpose-built tools offering specifically designed experiences. This latest release reflects the evolution of JIRA users within organisations : JIRA is no longer only  for software teams. Many IT teams, but also business teams use JIRA for tracking their tasks.

Let’s take a look at these new products.

JIRA Software

JIRA Software, it’s JIRA + JIRA Agile. Built for Agile software teams, it comes along with all the planning, tracking and releasing features you love, and much more!

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JIRA Service Desk

Let’s keep going with the maths. JIRA Service Desk, it’s simply JIRA + JIRA Service Desk bundled together in one single product. Designed for IT teams, it provides all the tools they need to support users, brings quick answers, and offers an easy management of incidents, problems and changes.

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JIRA Core, it’s JIRA but built specifically for business users. It integrates all the core features of JIRA that are essential to project planning, tracking and reporting. Its simpler interface and flexiblily makes it a quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use tool for non-technical users. It also allows to gather all your teams on one single technical platform.

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Some more information

In a nutchell, JIRA 7 is three products built specifically for  :

Atlassian has a lot of resources gathered on its website and its development platform.

If you want to know more, need help with the migration or training on these new tools, please get in touch with your Valiantys contact today! As a Platinum Expert, we will be happy to guide you in this transition, help you with decision making and make sure everything around JIRA 7 goes smoothly for you.

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