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JIRA Unlimited Licenses: the beginning of the end

Do you have a JIRA Unlimited (100+) users license ? If so, you should definitely read on.

As Atlassian launched their new Enterprise licenses back in 2012 (with new 500, 2000, 10000 and 10000+ tiers) they also announced that Unlimited licenses would no longer be available for sale. Accordingly, the name was changed to “Legacy Unlimited”.

Until Feb 22nd 2014, existing Legacy Unlimited customers will still have the opportunity to renew their license maintenance at the old price (i.e. $4,000.00 for 12 months) following Atlassian’s grandfathering campaign. This means you can extend your maintenance period up Feb 22nd 2015 maximum.

However, after Feb 22nd 2014, the grandfathering period comes to an end and this license will definitely disappear.

What are the consequences ?

Atlassian launched an email census campaign last week, with messages like the one below :


This is because Atlassian needs to know how many active users you have on your JIRA, so they know what user tier you will belong to in the future. At this stage, they are just collecting information and you don’t have to renew right now.

Beware: if you don’t tell Atlassian how many users you have and you renew your maintenance after Feb 22nd 2014, Atlassian will automatically assume that you need the ‘new’ unlimited users tier a.k.a. 10,000+ users ($12,000.00 for 12 months).

Therefore we recommend that you reply to Atlassian’s email as soon as possible to avoid any surprises in the near future !

How do I know how many users I have in my JIRA instance ?

Definition: ‘An active user in JIRA is by definition any user account in the system with the “JIRA Users” global permission, i.e. anyone who can log in.’

As an administrator, you can find this in the system information page.

What if I have less than 500 active users?

You can choose between :

  • A ‘standard’ 500 users license, at no additional cost
  • An ‘Enterprise’ 500 users license – please refer to the paragraph below: ‘what will be the cost of Enteprise?’

Note the 500 users tier is the only one where you can choose to go ‘standard’ or ‘Enterprise’. Beyond 500 users, you will necessarily have to migrate to an ‘Enterprise‘ license.

What if I have more than 500 active users?

First of all, make sure that all the active users in your JIRA really need an account. Some of them might have left the company or no longer need an account. You can disable them and they won’t count towards your license tier (or delete them for older version of JIRA).

Then consider the future: will you need more accounts 6 months from now? are new employees expected? will JIRA be opened to new teams within the organisation?

You should now know how many active users you expect and what tier you need.

What will be the cost of Enterprise?

1/ If your maintenance expires before Feb 22nd 2014, you will be allowed to renew your 100+ users maintenance one last time, at the legacy price of $4,000.00

2/ If your maintenance expires after Feb 22nd 2014, you will need to renew at one of the Enterprise tiers:

Users Tier Annual cost of maintenance
Enterprise 500 users $6,000.00
Enterprise 2,000 users $8,000.00
Enterprise 10,000 users $10,000.00
Enterprise 10,000+ users $12,000.00


Of course, Valiantys staff are available to help if you need any advice around your licensing. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions

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