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  • Nov.10.2015

HipChat Connect : instant messaging, instant actions with the new API

  • Nov.10.2015
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If you haven’t heard of internal group messaging services, you will soon. They are booming and represent a smart alternative to the classic email apps. Now with HipChat Connect, Atlassian makes team collaboration even smarter.

Up until now, with HipChat you were only able to send inbound messages as in any other messaging app. But if you needed to take an action within another specific application you obviously had to get out of HipChat and use the appropriate app. Let’s say for example you wanted to run a poll within your team, or interact on an incident as its status evolves. You had to go back and forth between apps.

How about bringing everything in a unique place?

It’s now possible with HipChat Connect. The next generation of HipChat API allows 3rd party applications to inject specific views and actions inside the HipChat app.

Because we all work on different projects and in different contexts, the idea with HipChat Connect is to improve the collaboration. How is it done? HipChat integrates within its platform multiple add-ons allowing you to not only receive information from your apps but also to send information back !

As HipChat general manager Steve Goldsmith said. “Now with HipChat Connect, developers are able to build full app experiences that enables direct action to be taken from the conversation.”

Integrated applications

Many add-ons are already available on the Atlassian marketplace.
As an example, one of them allows busy teams to schedule meetings. Instead of having a look at each schedule to find the best moment for everyone, the application does it for you and is fully integrated in HipChat Connect platform. Another one allows you to receive calls and voicemails directly on HipChat.

And this is just the beginning for the platform which is performing better every year. According to Atlassian the amount of messages “have doubled from 4 billion to 8 billion since the beginning of 2015.”

If you want to know more, contact Valiantys or download the HipChat Beta available for desktop and mobile device on www.hipchat.com.

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