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  • Feb.20.2015

Why get trained before deploying JIRA ?

  • Feb.20.2015
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Our experience taught us to always include training when we roll out JIRA as we consider it to be a major key of success of the project. The question is then to define the exact training needs and to schedule sessions at the right moment in the project.

We can identify two important courses, one for functional administrators and one for end users.

Training for JIRA functional administrators

JIRA is an extremely customisable tool, which is a strength but also a potential weakness. Moreover, its ergonomy is a strong selling point : user adoption is often very fast. Once one or two workflows are deployed, we can reach very quickly several hundreds of project with dozens of complex workflows and countless custom fields. In a context of continuous change of your processes, the implementation can quickly become non reliable and difficult to maintain and update without a good understanding of JIRA’s concept and best practices.

JIRA admin

For a better understanding of the tool, an administration training allows business owners and Valiantys experts in charge of the deployment to speak the same language and to agree very quickly on the right design. Afterwards, we notice that workshops organised to design workflows are much more efficient. Finally, JIRA is deployed in production more quickly.

A JIRA Administration training allows to develop a deep understanding of JIRA’s underlying concepts, and discover and practice all features available to setup the tool.

We highly recommend to organise this type of training at the beginning of a new project to roll out JIRA with at least the participation of the business owner and the team in charge of JIRA configuration.

JIRA fundamentals training

JIRA Dashboard

JIRA fundamentals training is primarily seen by Valiantys as a prerequisite for JIRA Administration training and is made for future administrators who discover the tool.

For end users, JIRA solution is very easy to use, we recommend to organise workshops (2 hours maximum) and to provide each participant a basic user guide. The workshop must include the discovery of the tool associated to a presentation of the process implemented. Practice will be focused on issues creation, edition and research, filters implementation and dashboards customisation. For change management, we will highlight the strengths of JIRA compared to the previous solution used.

To go further….

JIRA in Enterprise workshop

Atlassian has designed a workshop: JIRA in Enterprise. This workshop led by Valiantys aims to allow the manager or administrators of large instances to understand better the best practices of deployment and administration, and to establish a true governance to support the growth of JIRA in the company.

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