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Elements 1.5: Advanced formulas

Quite frankly, we believe teams function better when the barriers to communication are broken down and individuals are able to be autonomous in their work. This was one of the major reasons we developed Elements, the Atlassian Marketplace app that is the alternative to sub-tasks and is easily configurable by project admins.

We’ve heard our users who believe that the power of Jira should extend beyond your typical bug tracking and feature development tasks. Rather, concrete business features should be included to help streamline teamwork across departments to advance your projects. So for those of you who use Jira for accounting, read on as we have some exciting announcements in this new release!

Execute advanced calculations in Elements

Elements just became the must-have app for teams that would like to use Jira to create quotes, risk matrix tables, calculate tax rates based on expense type, or any sort of project that requires you to crunch numbers. With our new advanced calculation features, Elements will display the results of complex calculations right in your Jira issues.

Now Jira admins and project admins can:

Take a look below and get a taste of how Elements makes this work:

As we’re fans of showing our users how our app can help in a real business sense, we’ve created this easy to follow tutorial on how to track expense reports with multiple currencies with Elements.

Other features in Elements

We’ve also improved the user experience! Here’s what’s new and noteworthy in Elements:

We hope your team benefits from these improvements to Elements! Of course, if there is something you feel is missing from Elements or you have any other feedback, please let us know – our team would love to hear from you! 

Take Elements for a test drive

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