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The Confluence alphabet: 10 simple shortcuts

Shortcuts are a critical feature to save you time in your work, but as there are many shortcuts that exist – and they might not always be intuitive – it is useful to remember the ones which you’ll use on a regular basis. Below are the top 10 shortcuts to try to memorise the same way you know by heart the ABCs.

‘c’ is for create content

The button to create a new Confluence page is at the top in the right hand corner. However, as you never know when inspiration will hit it’s good to know this shortcut to avoid having to scroll all the way back to the top. Just hit the ‘c’ button and you’re ready to start writing.

Shortcut c crop-1

‘e’ is for edit

By just hitting the “e” button on your computer, you’ll be taken to the editing screen directly at where you left off – meaning you don’t have to search where to edit your content.

Shortcut e crop

‘g’ and then ‘d’ is for dashboard

In the confluence alphabet, two letters can equal one shortcut. If you are looking for a quick way to get to your Confluence’s dashboard, type ‘g’ and immediately afterwards ‘d’.

‘g’ and then ‘r’ is for recently viewed

It’s helpful to have a quick way to access the Confluence pages which you’ve already been working on throughout the day. Type “g” and then “r” anywhere to quickly open the recently viewed pages menu.

⌘+s‘ or ‘Ctrl+s’ is for save…or publish, or update

You’ve now made your edits and are ready to publish your updates. Again, you still don’t need your mouse to save your document. The shortcut to publish for mac users is ‘⌘+s’ and on a PC it is ‘Ctrl+s’. You’ll be where ever you left the document, so you can double check that your edits are integrated.

shortcut update crop

‘s’ is for share

Sharing a page with your team members is a critical and often-used function. The long version is clicking on the sharing icon at the top of the page. With the ‘s’ shortcut, Confluence will beeline you to the top of the page with the share feature open for you to type in your team members’ names.

shortcut share crop

‘m’ is for comment

In Confluence the general comments are at the very bottom of the page. If you have a lot to say either on different Confluence pages or are responding to a back and forth conversation, avoid giving yourself carpal tunnel syndrome and hit the ‘m’ key. It will take you immediately to the end of the page so you can leave your comments.

shortcut m crop

‘f’ is for favourite page

Normally you can mark a page as your “favourite” by clicking on the empty star, and it will be filled in as grey. However if you just use the “f” key the star becomes full on its own and is added to your list of favourites.

shortcut f crop

‘w’ is for watch page

This might be a familiar story: you’re waiting to hear feedback on a Confluence page you worked on and are starting to run close to your deadline. When you track down your colleague, they tell you they made their changes hours ago…and Confluence didn’t notify you because you forgot to watch the page. Therefore when you want to keep up to date on all changes of a certain page, remember to make sure the eye is filled in grey by hitting the ‘w’ key. You’ll then get an email every time there is a change to the page.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 13.55.52-1

‘?’ is for shortcuts

If you can’t seem to remember all the shortcuts or want to know additional shortcuts within Confluence, then this tip is the most important. To check which shortcut does what, hit the question mark on the keyboard. It will give you a list of the shortcuts and their functions. The list of shortcuts in this article are all natively available within Confluence, but depending on the add-ons you are using you may have additional shortcuts which are integrated. Try it for yourself!

The above shortcuts are just some of the basic functions to improve efficiency in your daily life, however Confluence offers various other features to adapt the tool for your organisational needs. Valiantys offers numerous trainings in Confluence, ranging from the basics of getting started to advanced classes for admins. Take the shortcut route to leveraging Confluence by clicking the button below to see when our training programmes are held.


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