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  • May.9.2017

AtlasCamp 2017: Keep your head in the Cloud

  • May.9.2017
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AtlasCamp is the major event for developers in the ecosystem to gather together to discuss the future of Atlassian tools and extend our skill-set to meet upcoming demands. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that this conference was held in sunny Barcelona. While the future for Atlassian is looking bright, expect the forecast for add-ons to be on the ‘cloudy’ side.


Cloud add-ons: full steam ahead!

The growth of the Cloud is not just growing – it is accelerating. This year, the main take-aways from Atlas Camp were how developers can improve Cloud add-ons in their own work.

On the API side:

Furthermore, some minor changes have been made to entity properties, which allow you to store data into JIRA or Confluence. For example, you can connect your own add-on properties with a JIRA issue or a Confluence page. The good news is that now these properties are available for JQL searches!

Finally, if you have a new add-on idea yet you don’t want to loose time in the server setup, you can use SpringBoot SDK. It does the configuration for you, so that you can focus on feature development instead of plumbing! It is an easy way to quick-start your project!

Atlas Kit for a seamless integration of the new UX

A new UX is coming to Atlassian products; it has already been released for Bitbucket Cloud and should hit JIRA and Confluence cloud shortly.

In order to ease the work of add-ons developers, Atlassian has been working hard on a library that can be used to install the new UX without much effort. It is based on the React javascript library – the documentation at this link is full of examples.

This update come at the right time, as we have just started working on our new add-on that will be released for JIRA Cloud and Server! Yes, Exocet and nFeed will soon have a new addition to the family…but that’s not the point of this article we’ll come back to it in a future blog post. Keep your eyes open for more….

The new interface is a game changer and it will be interesting to see it live!

Trello Power-Ups: the unknown 20%

The recent acquisition of Trello was a highlight of this Atlas Camp and brings some interesting opportunities for developers in the Atlassian ecosystem. Essentially, Power-ups are to Trello what add-ons are to JIRA – and with the Atlassian Marketplace doubling its number of cloud add-ons in the past year and recently surpassing $250 million in sales over its lifetime, Power-Ups are a fair horse to bet on!

Hamid Palo,  ‎Director of Product and Partnerships at Trello, said it pretty eloquently,  “Trello solves 80% (of the problem), Power-ups fill the missing 20%.” JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket can already be connected to Trello, so it will be interesting to see how that 20% figure will develop over time.

There you have it – the must-know tips and trends from AtlasCamp! However, given this rapidly evolving industry it is likely that new developments will be coming down the pipeline! If you’re not subscribed to our newsletter, hit the button below and sign up – we’ll make sure to keep you update to date!

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