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  • Jun.10.2021

EURO Cup 2020 (in 2021): When Jira gets between your pizza and beer

  • Jun.10.2021
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Here at Valiantys, soccer has crept into every aspect of our lives – even our Jira issues. Every four years, the EURO Cup is on everyone’s lips and becomes the main topic for many intense, electrifying debates and evenings. Driven by our obsession with the sport, we seized the opportunity to organize a contest. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we ditched our Excel spreadsheets and all other platforms to develop our own soccer betting solution with Jira.



Creating our betting platform: Simply the Bet with Jira

The concept of our customized Jira is simple; it has a multi-project architecture in which matches, bets, and users are all Jira requests that are linked together. Once we nailed down the concept, we quickly launched the development with the help of some of our best “homemade” apps, edited by Elements:

  • The (awesome) Elements Connect was used to gather the data for our colleagues who just converted to the soccer world, including team composition, FIFA ranking, live scores, ratings, etc. We provided all the essential data needed to make informed bets.
  • The (powerful) Elements Copy & Sync was used to manage the links between the different Jira requests as well as their display.

After a few hours of configuring the settings with the help of scripts and automation rules, our solution was finally ready to start collecting bets from our colleagues.



On top of that, we have a whole series of statistics provided by EazyBi, which allows us to make the right decisions… But also to know what kind of better we are.


The Euro Cup kick-off and the launch of our platform

After vigorous testing, we opened our Simply the Bet platform to everyone at Valiantys a week before the Cup started. Simply the Bet immediately became a huge success. With more than 1000 bets in two days and 40% participation. Soon afterward, the rivalries began. As the first shots are fired, we started to see the true nature of some of our colleagues:



This Jira application is not brand new this year. We launched it in 2018 for the World Cup in Russia and have revamped it for the Euro 2021 edition. Find here our demo video made in 2018:


Simply the Bet will last until the Euro Cup final! It is satisfying to see our colleagues gathering around a platform built with our Jira expertise and our apps. This could not have been possible without a good team spirit, the work of our Atlassian certified consultants, and generous sponsoring from Elements.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance with Atlassian tools and our apps – We’re ready to help regardless of whether the problem is work or soccer-related.


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