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  • Jun.16.2016

Atlassian JIRA: not just for dev teams

  • Jun.16.2016
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Way back when…

Cast your mind back to 2002. Much of Europe is waving goodbye to its currency and ushering in the Euro, Brazil’s fancy footwork knocks England out of the World Cup (no surprises there), and the first ever iPod is released.

But head down under to Sydney, Australia, and something else is going on – and all with much less fanfare. A small but talented team has created the first incarnation of an innovative tool that helps development teams track bugs and issues during the dev process and better manage their software releases.

Say hello to JIRA Software.

A nifty piece of kit enabling each member of software teams to plan, track, and release products, JIRA will later become the world’s number one software development tool, introducing teams around the world to more transparent, collaborative ways of planning and managing software releases.


jira software


So let’s fast forward to the present day – 35,000 customers, millions of users and a show-stopping NASDAQ debut later and it’s fair to say that JIRA Software has well and truly made its mark.

But what’s really interesting is that it’s no longer solely dev teams that are reaping the benefits of JIRA. In fact, the tool has evolved in other ways other software hasn’t quite managed to do – and is being used by teams across enterprises.

So while today JIRA is still a mainstay for dev teams in businesses small and large, there’s much more to it than that. Teams spanning marketing, HR, operations, legal and finance are using JIRA to plan, track, and report around business projects of all shapes and sizes, keeping teams organised and kicking goals into shape day in, day out.

And that’s exactly why we think JIRA is so awesome.

JIRA for teams

So why has JIRA become such a hit with teams across business units? Here are a few of the brightest examples for starters:

  • It helps you to visualise processes, so teams always know how projects and tasks are progressing, who’s doing what and what still needs to be done.
  • It helps you to create a transparent, collaborative working environment where everyone is firmly in the loop at all times.
  • It helps you to organise projects and tasks in one central location, so it’s easier than ever to plan, track and report activities.

Don’t believe us? Well, how’s this for a figure – over 50% of our customers here at Valiantys use Atlassian tools outside of software development to manage processes and projects. 

This is why over the coming months, we’ll be sharing how we use JIRA Software across our teams here at Valiantys, and how they help our people collaborate across locations in a streamlined and transparent way.


Ready to join the adventure? Stay tuned!



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